My Journey to flawless skin and how to start yours!

My Journey to flawless skin and tips to start yours, background on my skin journey

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If you are reading this you are probably also struggling with some skin issues as I once did, so STAY STRONG. I promise it will get solved sooner or later and you won´t feel like this forever.

For you to understand my skin journey, the stages I went through and see if your issues or skin type are somehow similar or related to mine, here you have some background information.

I have always had a really sensitive, oily to combination skin. Not only that, but really acne prone skin as well, if you add to that the fact that I used to have dermatitis, eczema and extremely thin skin, you got the perfect mix for a skin type that is extremely difficult to take care of.

When I hit puberty my skin went from being really soft, thin and flawless, to be really irritated, red also covered in pimples and blackheads. To this point it might still sound relatively normal, since many people get acne when they hit puberty, the thing was the degree and duration of my skin conditions.

I started to get acne on my face when I was around 11 and the condition only kept on worsening with time, every year. I will have more and more pimples and I was sent from one dermatologist to another. I went through numerous treatments, creams and even medicine, but nothing seemed to get rid of it.  Not only that but since I have a really thin and sensitive skin and a lot of the treatments doctors gave me were pretty harsh; my skin got completely damaged on the process.

At one point, one of the latest doctors I had, took a look at my skin and told me that my skin was so damaged that it was missing part of the top layers that your skin is supposed to have, reason why my skin will always hurt and was on the state it was.

After all those years of insecurities and not ending treatments I decided to put matters in my own hands. At this point I was around 17 years old and I decided that I couldn’t take it any longer. The changes weren´t anything dramatic at the beginning, since I have always taken very good care of my skin (it is one of my problematic areas), but I started to research more and to look very carefully to what exactly I was putting on my face and body. I stopped using all those antibiotic creams and harsh treatments and started to look for my own more “natural” and less harsh skin care regimen.

This is how my journey started and after that I tried and researched a lot of things, some of them worked, some didn´t… I researched and learnt a lot, but after finding out what was worth it and what wasn´t good for me, by the age 19 I had completely got rid of my acne, excluding  the occasional pimple during that time of the month.

It took me a bit of time and a lot of tries to get the results I was so desperately wanting. I also had some pretty hard times, but it all ended as I was wishing for. That is the reason why I want to make it easier and comfort any person going through the same thing, as I said before it is not permanent and you will be able to overcome it, so keep strong. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark it looks when you are midway through.

If you find yourself in this situation and you want to start your own skin journey to resolve your skin issues, here are some of my recommendations on how you can start your way to flawless skin:

Tips and tricks for flawless skin!

More info here.

****Disclaimer: The media on my skin journey does not belong to me, but has been allowed for public use by the author.


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