Basic Skin Care Tips for Flawless Skin

Basic Skin Care Tips for Flawless Skin

First things first, one of the most basic skin care tips and most the important thing you will probably need in order to achieve great skin is patience. And the second one that I will probably have to give credit to is dedication.

As most things worth in life, to have great skin you will have to compromise and invest time and care onto your skin. Don´t believe in miracle cures, if you want to have good skin, you have to work for it.

It is true that some people are blessed with fabulous skin, without having to take care of it, but unfortunately for the rest of us mortals, we have to work for what we want to achieve. I promise, it is worth it though. I can also assure you that if you take care of your skin now, your skin will look way better in the future compared to those people who don’t do it today, even if they are blessed naturally with beautiful skin.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are the basic skin care tips that you need to start following now in order to see improvements on your skin.

Basic skin care tips:

Beauty from within: Diet really makes a HUGE difference in how your skin looks like.

With that I don’t mean for you to never eat chocolate again or to never dare to eat anything “unhealthy”. I LOVE to eat and I also understand that some “junk” food here and there is a big pleasure, but I do recommend for you to  keep it to a minimum, if you are searching for longterm improvements on your skin and overall health.

Besides that, what is really important, is for you to make sure that your skin is getting enough of the nutrients it needs. Which means eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and foods with high content in omega 3.  Believe me, you will see the difference not only in your skin but overall health of your body, hair and nails as well. If you don’t get enough of these nutrients you can always help with supplements. Supplements will help you achieve the needed levels, but they should NOT in any case be substitutes for a healthy diet or meals. If you eat burgers and fried foods everyday and stuff yourself with supplements, you will not see any difference since one thing doesn´t cancel out the other. Our body works best when it is properly balanced.

If you are searching for some supplements to improve your skin I will recommend you to start with vitamin C, E, Zinc and Omega 3. Another basic tip is to take a normal dosages, taking more will not only not improve your skin but also make you waste money, since the vitamins that the body can not absorb will be flushed out of your organism.

Water: I can not insist enough on the importance of water. It is incredible how many people don’t drink enough water and this fact just like a bad diet, influences directly into how your skin looks. Your organs, and skin is one of them need to be hydrated from within to work properly and stay healthy, but most people still have extremely dehydrated skin without even knowing it. Especially those with oily skin.

Make up Removal: I don’t even think I need to get into depth on one of the very basic skin care tips, but make up removal is an absolute must. Especially if you have any skin condition. If you go to sleep with make up on, you are not only sleeping with all those products you applied on your face, but also all the substances that have been accumulating on your skin during the whole day (dirt, pollution, germs..). At night is when your skin takes a break to regenerate and heal itself of all the damage that took place during the day. If your skin is clogged and it is not allowed to breathe properly, this procedure won´t be as effective, so your skin will already be weak against external conditions for the next day.

Cleansing:  The fundamentals of cleansing are very similar to the ones for make up removal, but with cleansing you are removing dirt more in-depth allowing your skin to breathe and be ready to absorb the products that you will  be applying later on to help you treat it. If your skin is not clean when you apply a product, your skin will absorb it, along with all the dirt that was not properly cleansed. Which as you probably imagine is not what your skin needs in order to look good. That is why cleansing is fundamental for nice skin. Cleansing for me consist exactly in at least 3 steps: make up removal, cleansing plus toning (If you don´t know exactly what toning is, don’t worry I will explain a bit more later on the post) but be careful over cleansing , since it can be as bad as no cleansing at all. The ph of your face needs to stay balanced, so you should choose adequate products that fit your skin type and needs.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation helps you get rid of all those dead skin cells that are accumulating on your skin. Not only that, but since you are taking out the top layer of your skin this will help the new layer to come out healthier and brighter. It will also help the products you use to work better on your skin. Exfoliation is a tricky thing, like cleansing if you do it properly it will help your skin immensely, making it look much nicer, but if you do it wrong it will damage and irritate your skin, getting your skin into an even worse condition.

Toner: You can buy it or you can make your own, whatever works for you, but toner is an important and many times neglected step, that makes a huge difference in your skincare. It not only removes the remaining dirt that could still be on your skin after cleansing, but it also balances out the ph of your skin (which many times gets messed up after cleansing) and it preps your skin for the treating products that is about to receive like essences, serums, moisturizers and oils.

Moisturizing: Keeping the skin moisturized is an extremely important step to maintain healthy skin. If you don’t moisturize, your skin will lose elasticity and its good condition, what will make it get damaged over time. You might not see the effects if you are young, but it will lead to skin breakage and wrinkles in the future.

For those with oily or really oily skin I know what you are thinking, you don’t want to go out and have a super oily face and when you moisturize it seems to have that effect, so you might think a good solution will be not to moisturize. WRONG, when you don’t moisturize your skin, it becomes dehydrated, which is the case for most people. So your organism reacts to that and since it feels that your skin is in need of moisture, it produces more oil to balance out that moisture deficiency, so what actually happens is that your skin gets even more oily, but it will remain dehydrated. What should you do then? Well you should find a good moisturizer that keeps up to your skin needs, but ALWAYS moisturize your skin.

Sunblock: Sun is extremely harmful for the skin, specially if you have acne or small injuries, like for example from picking out pimples (which we both know that you shouldn’t be doing, but we also both know that happens even to beauty gurus). Why is sun harmful? Well apart from serious skin injuries and other stuff like future wrinkles, if your skin is irritated or injured the sun will make scarring risks a lot higher, even if you don’t see the immediate effects. Also since most people with acne suffer from pigmentation problems, your best weapon to prevent it is sunblock.

Extra basic skin care tips:

-Don´t incorporate more than one product at the time on your routine. If you do and something makes your skin react, you wont know which products are making a difference or which are giving you a bad reaction. Let each new product an adaptation time period until you skin is used to it.

-I recommend switching products every once in a while, find out your holy grail products that work for you and use them, but it is convenient to switch it up. Your skin is not always the same, nor does it have the same needs. Do not worry you can always switch back later on.

-Use products that aim your needs, as an example, if you put strong anti wrinkle creams being too young, this will only make your skin lazy and reduce the production of certain things, since they are already being incorporated by the cream. You have to keep your skin fit, but it is never too early to start preventing and taking care of your skin. Just do it with the right products.

-Research about your skin, products and other methods that you could use. Knowledge is power and the more you know the better choices you will make in order to achieve what you want.

-Learn that beauty and health are hand on hand and it is impossible to take care of one if you neglect the other. The healthier you are, the healthier your skin will look, so things like sport, good habits or good diet will make a bigger impact than you think.

Well, this was something close to my beauty bible, with the most basic skin care tips. I hope you find it helpful, I know there are a lot of things to take care of, but if you start to incorporate them into your life one by one you will realize how easy it is to follow them and how much of a difference it will make for you and your skin.

I wish you a beautiful journey starting these basic skin care tips.

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