What does beauty mean?

While doing some research today, I accidentally came across this video. A video that even knowing it was just a comercial action, had a message that both upset me and inspired, in equal parts, making me want to share my thoughts on this subject.

It was not the message spread per se, what really upset me, but being honest, it was mostly my reaction to it. Those feelings and thoughts that I got in response to its message, which did not make me feel particularly proud. Making me want to pose the same question to you, my dear reader, in hopes you will have a better response, than the one I had for myself.

My dear reader, what are you? Are you beautiful or are you average? I want you to watch this video listening to your heart and feelings and answer this question with as much honesty and truthfulness as you can. Without any fear of being judged, specially by yourself, just watch it and pay attention to your own response, but which ever response you have, do not leave this place today without reading what I have to tell you about this.

I will be telling you something that maybe you are yet not aware of. Something that even if you are you should definitely keep into consideration for not only every time you are faced with a similar situation, but specially in your day to day.

After watching it, I thought that it is kind of funny how we all seem to want to be beautiful, we all seem to want people to tell us how beautiful we are, we all seem to want to be approved or reassured by others but sadly we don’t seem to be able to tell the thing that we so desperately want to hear from others to ourselves.

This reflexion started, because watching this video made me think about myself, about how I perceive and see myself and how I would have approached the subject and the result didn’t make me happy at all. It made me kind of sad and angry at my own self, because given the chance I know I would have chosen average not only that, but I did still choose average at the end of the video and as someone in the video said, I was rating myself average and no one else, but if I rate myself average, aren’t I giving the right to other people to rate and treat me as average as well?

If we don’t give ourselves the right to see beauty in ourselves, how are we going to allow others to see that beauty, and even if they do see it, how are we going to believe them if we label ourselves as not beautiful from the very beginning, if average or even ugly is all we come to think of ourselves.

Beautiful, as the video said is a great word, but also a really powerful and extensive one. Beauty is not only one thing, it is a thousand different ones, hundreds of thousands and that is the charm of it. Being beautiful is not on being tall, nor short, nor skinny, nor perfect skin, nor anything that we can pin down at first sight, beautiful is something above all those, beauty is something so big that can’t be labeled because fortunately many things in life are beautiful, even when we do not realize about it.

Beauty can be many things, like a random smile, a kind act or a mark that only we have. Beauty is being strong and being brave. Beauty is happiness and feeling good with yourself, beauty is being kind to others and give them nice words, beauty can be so many things… but why when we probably all have tons of these beautiful things, we let ourselves be categorized by others, or even worse we categorize ourselves, as non beautiful.

Why? Because we have crooked teeth, or cellulite, or acne or whatever things that make us feel unworthy of the word beautiful. But who decided that those things were not beautiful? Magazines, fashion brands, your mom, the don’t judge me challenge, your family, a boy/girl from your class, someone you met on the street…And if so who are they to decide for us? Who in this world can say what is beautiful and what is not, and why?

Just because someone might not like something, it doesn’t mean it will stop being beautiful. As a very descriptive example, if someone were to be blind and not able to see the sunlight, does that mean that just because it is dark for that person it would or should also be dark everyone else? Then why is it that just because someone is blind to our own beauty or because of certain opinions, we shut down our own and make those opinions our own reality.

Just because someone has an opinion, that specific opinion, does not have to become a reality, it can be that person’s reality but it definitely does not have to be an overall reality for the rest of us, beauty is something so abstract and different for each and every single one of us that can not be pinned down by stereotypes, beauty is a reflection of who you are, an eco from you to others. Just because some people are not able to see that beauty, it doesn’t mean that it is not there altogether or that the rest of us, you included shouldn’t be able to see it.

So today following my own advice, I decided to rate myself as beautiful, not by any stereotypes on my country, or by magazines, or for what I see in social media, not by my physique and not even for what people around, think or don’t think about me. I decided to rate myself beautiful because of who I am, for what makes me being me, flaws and strengths included.

I rated myself beautiful because we have the right to feel beautiful for who we are, because that is our true reality, we are who we are, that is what makes us so special and being oneself is the most special and beautiful thing of all, the thing that no one, but yourself, could take away from you.

So on this day l ask you to please smile and make sure you see and share how beautiful you are with the world today.

Be inspired and also, do not forget to go out and inspire others as well, spread the love, the positivity and the kindness, make the world a better place starting from you.

You, my dear reader are beautiful, so do not forget to make the world a beautiful place too, with your words and your actions, because every beautiful soul deserves an equally delightful world to live in.

****Disclaimer: The media on this article have not been taken by me. But have been allowed for public use by the author.


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