Korean Radio Interview, [TBS] A Little Of A Lot

Korean Radio Interview, [TBS] A Little Of A Lot

The past October, Seoul held its Fashion Week to introduce the SS18 collections. The whole city was bustling with special events, shows and parties. All catered to shed light and promote brands, designers and Korean fashion culture in general.

In between catwalks and all the mist, I got the privilege to take part on a radio show, for a special held on fashion, which is by all means, one of my favourite subjects to talk about.

If interested, you can listen to the Korean radio interview here; direct link for the show´s podcasts is down below and the episode title is: “1022 Fashion Week (패션 위크)”.

1022 Fashion Week (패션 위크)

TBS is a Korean radio station and “A Little Of  A Lot”, a weekly talk show held in English where hosts and guests share on air, their views about current topics.

My friend, Becky White, a model and youtuber, here in South Korea, whom I originally met on set when styling her for a magazine filming, was one of the hosts for the show at the time (she is now hosting her OWN show, congratulations love ❤) and asked me if I would like to take part on the episode.

I accepted and I am very glad I did, not letting shyness or any possible fears get on the way, because the experience was great. The hosts and producers were very welcoming and discussing fashion with them was extremely interesting. There were so many different sides and points of view that added value to the conversation. Once at the station I had another nice surprise, being the other guest, Jane Aquino, a model based here in Seoul, whom I had met at the release party of one of my previous fashion projects.

The first five minutes prior to starting the show were quite nerve-racking, but after we started talking and got into the subject, I forgot about everything and loved every minute of it, being on air was thrilling.

If you want to take anything from the whole experience, stick with <<take chances>>, take any that might come your way and do not let anything stop you from enjoying it to the fullest. Worst case scenario it is something to check of your list or a funny story to tell later on. As for the best case scenario, you never know the sky is the limit.

That is why I am very thankful to TBS for the fun opportunity, to my dear Becky for thinking of me for the show (as always it was great to work with you) and to you, my dear reader, for sharing with me this experience.

Don´t forget to take those chances. You never know and might end up getting scouted for a Korean radio interview yourself 😉


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