[Balmain] Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Review

Balmain Pre-Fall 2018 Collection

After a very strong SS18 collection and taking part on the Victoria Secret show held this year in Shanghai, Olivier Rousteing comes back with a spot on Balmain Pre-fall  2018 collection.

This year has been a big one for both, designer and brand, filled with multiples collabs, some even diversifying towards other areas. Like the one venturing into the beauty market with L´Oréal. A year in which even the spouse of the current French president, has been seen out an about wearing their designs.

Olivier has previously mentioned many times during this past year, that it has been very french one for him and this influence can definitely be appreciated in the designs and even colors that take part of the prefall collection.

Balmain has been a renowned brand for quite some time, but it seems like in recent years has been acquiring more and more global attention under the lead of Rousteing. I must admit, he is one of my consistent favourite designers, even though I am generally not very loyal when it comes to brands. Usually I am mostly attired to specific items, more than the idea of the brand and this collection was no less, but I found myself liking most of the designs which in all honesty, does not happen very often.

On these pre-fall 2018 creations, many of the latest trends for the year were hit spot on, without loosing Rousteing´s signature rocky-glamorous style that I could always feed of. The whole Balmain Pre-fall 2018 lookbook, which pictures were taken by Pascal Dangin can in my opinion not be described by anything less than the word art. From designs to photography, scenery and grooming, everything was set in perfect harmony and transmitting that “Je ne sais pas quoi” french vibe that takes you right into the streets of Paris.

Apart from bringing me right back to my two years living in Paris, there are a couple more thing that starstrucked me about the collection, so let’s have a look.

The mix of old and new. Rousteing was able to turn designs made out of luxurious materials such as Tweed, which tends to add an old-fashioned style element, into youthful and trendy creations.

Classy and luxurious vinyl creations. In the form of turtle neck tops, beautiful layering pieces, cargo pants and even shade changing unicorn colored pieces, this trend has made a statement through the brand´s unique designs.

Balmain Pre-fall 2018

Balmain Pre-fall 2018

“Le marinière” of the new era. Mixed with different styles and very edgy materials and shapes the marinière, was given a new and much-needed twist through this collection.

The renaissance of the bodycon dress. Still fitted, but adding new geometric shapes to enhance different body types. This basic in Balmain´s collections was mixed with dark-colored bottoms and even pants, without losing the knee-length boot.

Balmain prefall 2018

Balmain Pre-fall 2018

All this was possible, without forgetting basic 2018 trends, like the mini purse, the come back of the statement pointy boots, metalics and the mix of textures and styles. All creations rocking some kind of sparkly element and creating elegant, but also iconic Balmain pieces.

Balmain Pre-fall 2018

Balmain Pre-fall 2018

Balmain Pre-fall 2018

****Disclaimer: All the rights of the Balmain Pre-fall 2018 pictures belong to Balmain. Pictures are only used to illustrate the review, I do not hold nor nor do I claim property of the media material on this article. Belonging the Copyright of these pictures to their rightful owner.


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