If you live in Korea, you probably own a SIM with a Korean number. Living here, where everything is generally quite linked to technology, having one will be extremely helpful if not necessary for most day-to-day activities.

For anything from communicating to even getting a “point card” you will need, in most cases, a Korean number. Here comes the deal, having a Korean SIM can be helpful but also a torture, in the form of constant unwanted voice calls and messages, aka Vhishing or Phishing, but I am about to help you change that.

Living abroad in more than 5 different countries, I have never gone through such a situation where I am called or texted almost on daily basis and even more than once a day by different companies and random people. An added problem is that of course they will speak to you in Korean and for me, unfortunately not being close to fluent yet, I find myself not even knowing what  the call is about or how to answer it and having to hang up the phone in most cases.

These countless calls, started to make me a bit anxious about answering the phone at times, but I found a solution. “Who who”, it is the app that is helping me survive Phishing in Korea and this is how you can get it installed on your phone.

First, download it and accept the settings. I agreed to everything but location and the app still works perfectly.

Second, accept your phone number and email (add new if necessary)

Third, accept terms of use and select a theme. Once again I accepted only the required ones and chose the aesthetic that pleased me the most.

Last, enjoy a phishing free phone or at least reduce considerably the amount of unwanted calls, on the left side you have your main menu where you can block unwanted numbers, report spam and many other options.

Even if you do not speak Korean, this app can be really helpful, since it will mark with a red sign, indicating spam, the numbers that have been previously reported, filtering considerably the calls you get.

You can block spam numbers and on the second line, going into the logo with the triangle you can see a real-time spam index with numbers that you can block completely from your phone.

The app is also completely free, so if you are having trouble with constant unwanted calls I really recommend you to give it a try. I hope it is as useful to you, as it was to me.


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