Food Adventures: Traditional Korean Food in Gangnam

At times when we have family or friends visiting, we find ourselves not knowing where to take them to eat. Or maybe, you are just searching for an affordable, but nice looking place to eat, since you have found yourself craving some delicious traditional Korean food for quite some time. It can be overwehlming to find traditional Korean food around such a big city.

But do not worry. I got you covered, here you have an option for a nice looking restaurant, extremely close to Gangnam station, that is cozy and that you can visit if you are searching for a good traditional style meal at a decent price.

The name of the restaurant is “Norangjeogori” or “노랑저고리” if written in Hangul, and it is located extremely close to exit 10 or 9, Gangnam station (Line 2, green line). Here you have the card with the number and a small map to help you arrive and also the adress in both, English and Korean in case you want to copy paste it right into maps:

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서울시 서초구 서초4동 1316-29 타임빌딩 5층

Seochogu Seocho 4dong 1316-29 Time Building 5 floor

But basically, you would just need to go straight from exit 9 and turn right on the second street, after walking a couple of meters you will find the building on your left. The building has an elevator right outside that will help you reach the 5th floor, where the restaurant is located.

The restaurant has a traditional inspired aesthetic and a nice atmosphere and it was full of middle-aged Korean people, so I already knew right after entering that the food was going to be good. I went there on a day out with my friend, we sat by the window and we were offered a bulgogi menu or a seafood menu to choose from.

My friend, Eunice, is an influencer and youtuber and she was filming at the time, so here l will have the link of the video in case you want to see the footage of that day too.

The menu was 13,000 ₩ and it included, the main dish, many types of side dishes like kimchi, japchae, jeon…rice and soup. All the side dishes are refillable, but in our case we could only choose the same type of main dish for both, not sure if the same applies if it is a bigger group. Here it comes the food porn of our menu. Be aware! This content might make you hungry 😉

The side dishes:

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Soups, rice and other dishes:

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The star of the day:

Traditional Korean Food Bulgogi

This is another shot of everything plus our bill, all for two people:

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The food was delicious, the rice was mixed, all dishes but the main one were unlimited, the meat on the bulgogi was tender and you also got some very nice fruit tea as desert to top it of, so the foodie in me was more than satisfied.

If you are on the area and you want to eat Korean food, I suggest you give it a go. You have also a traditional style dinning area, in case you go with visitors and you want them to have the full experience.

If you happen to go or you have already been, let me know what you thought of it. Oh and merry Christmas! 🙂



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