Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show Picks

There is no doubt that the Victoria Secret show is an event awaited by many every year. From when it first started until now, the yearly show has greatly changed and grown into what is now more of a fashion show, than  just a lingerie collection.

Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show

Designs get more elaborated and fashion forward with every year that passes and the event has grown to get extenuous amount of media and global attention. This attention also came at a price, given that at times the show has turned out to bring quite a bit of controversy around body image issues.

Controversy or not aside, this year the show kicked it up a notch bringing it all the way to Shanghai, one of the newest “it” cities, collaborating with a top fashion Brand such as Balmain, and even designing collections around common 2018 trends. The Greek Goddess look, romantic and feminine creations and even colorful tribal inspired pattern designs, all had their place to shine on the Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show. Some of the creations this year where so astonishingly beautiful that I wanted to share my favourite ones.


Olivier and VS were definitely able to “bring the sexy back” on this part of the collection. Urban punk themed and epitome of glamorous and sexy “care free style”. Knee length boots, leather jackets, safety pins and a whole lot of studs brought a new aesthetic angle to the show.

VS x BalmainVS x Balmain

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Greek Goddess inspiration:

Has been a very well-loved trend on catwalks for the 2018 collections. As if “the muses” had a part on it, the Goddess inspired look has made a come back for next year and many brands like Versace, Blumarine or Givenchy among others, have been ahead of the trend, it seems like the Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show did not want to be left behind, giving us their own twist on it.

Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion ShowVictoria Secret Shanghai Fashion ShowVictoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show

Romantic and femenine vibes:

Flowy materials, soft colors and feminine lines were displayed among beautiful flower arrangements and statement accessories. Creating mesmerizing outfits that portrayed a lovely and pure image, that could possible remind of angel figures. Something not completely out of the blue, talking about Victoria Secret.

Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion ShowVictoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show

Traditional touches:

Outfits that held what in my eyes seemed like a combination of subtle traditional clothing elements, filled one of the collections. Fine mixed influences of what looked like a blend of traditional Russian clothing, Pakistani traditional bridal elements and even Indian and Middle Eastern touches. Presented in combinations of bright and muted colors, was another part of the show that in my opinion deserved more than a second look.

Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show

Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show

Victoria Secret Shanghai Fashion Show

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