Styling Portfolio: Korean Fashion Magazine Cover Part I

South Korean designers and their collections have quite a distinct way when it comes to lines, creations and inspiration. There is something different to Korean fashion. Like any other designs in a global era like today, there is a mix of influences, but the Korean way of doing fashion, has definitely made me pay closer attention to certain things. Working with Korean fashion brands and influences, has made me specially appreciative of all the art, inspiration and creativity available here in Korea on daily basis, for me and anyone else to see.

I have become very aware of the way the young fashion scene in Seoul, likes to experiment and try different things. And because of that I have ended up slowly getting more and more into different concepts, brands or creations, which at one point might have felt very foreign to me. The past year since moving to Korea I had the privilege to take part in many fashion projects and collabs, one of them was this one. Styling the cover shoot for an independent magazine, based in Seoul.

On this project, I got to style the project with clothes, using only Korean fashion. Styles and pieces that I might originally not have gone for and styling it in a way that I might have not thought of before if I had not given it a try. The result was that stepping out of my confort zone, I ended up falling in love with new styles and discovering a different side of my creativity and abilities. In a project that as a result not only made me very proud of my work. But also gave me the chance to work with very talented artists and models, who will be listed down below along with the brands that were used.

Here you will be able to see some of my favourite pictures regarding this project. I hope you enjoy!

All pictures were taken by the talented photographer, Noelia Carballo, and some of them printed on Mutzine Magazine´s Issue #02.

Important mention to So Jung Min and any assitants or team members, whose names might not be in here, but who still worked very hard behind the scenes as well.

Korean Fashion Shoot

Model: So Yujin                   Hair: Team Overmars                 Make up: Shin Su bin

Clothes: Ajo, Drink Scan Code                                     Accessories: Viollina, BPB

Korean fashion

Model: Lee Juyeon           Hair: Team Overmars         Make up: Park Jeong Hwan

Clothes: Rocketxlunch, Ajo                 Accessories: Drink Scan Code, JKoo, Oct.3

Korean designer fashion

Model: Go Gayoung              Hair: Team Overmars            Make up: Shin Su bin

Clothes: Clut Studio, Tell the truth                   Accessories: Oct.3, Low Classic

Korean fashion shoot

Model: Pyo Jiye              Hair: Team Overmars         Make up: Park Jeong Hwan

Clothes: MixRocketxlunch                                          Accessories: 13Month

Curious for more??? Check out the second part of the shoot.

****Disclaimer: Pictures are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, Photographer Noelia Carballo, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.


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