Styling Portfolio: Korean Fashion Magazine Cover Part II

After part one, here you have part II, of the Korean fashion Magazine cover shoot. The first part of this shoot was taken indoors on a studio, while part II was shot outside under the sun, with natural light. The whole team worked very well and quite hard to do their best, even though we were all under a lot of pressure and trying to finish shooting, while the natural light was still at its best state.

Personally, this is my favourite part of the whole shoot. Not only did the models look beautiful, but all was slowly put back into place with perfect harmony by the end of it. Outfits, make up and hair as well as the models were shinning brightly. It was hectic to try to finish under the clock, but surprisingly towards the end of it, everything felt so peaceful.

Yes, we worked hard, but afterwards we were able to enjoy looking at the models, mesmerized, under the calm of a team that was able to savor what they do, knowing they had all done a very good job.

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There are so many pictures I love from this part of the shoot that it was hard to decide which ones to choose from, but here you have a small taste of it.

All pictures were taken by the talented photographer, Noelia Carballo, and some of them printed on Mutzine Magazine´s Issue #02.

Important mention to So Jung Min and any assitants or team members, whose names might not be in here, but who still worked very hard behind the scenes as well.

Korean fashion magazine cover

Model: Go Gayoung                Hair: Team Overmars              Make up: Shin Su bin

Clothes: KyeDrink Scan Code                   Accessories: Venimeux Maison, Oozy

Model: Pyo Jiye               Hair: Team Overmars           Make up: Park Jeong Hwan

Clothes: Low Classic, Kye                                Accessories: Low Classic, Oozy, Oct.3

Model: So Yujin                   Hair: Team Overmars                 Make up: Shin Su bin

Clothes: Kye, Clut Studio                                                  Accessories: Viollina, Oozy

Model: Lee Juyeon           Hair: Team Overmars         Make up: Park Jeong Hwan

Clothes: Kye, Salon de Seoul                                                         Accessories: Oozy

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Glasses: Gentlemonster

If you liked it, keep posted for more!


****Disclaimer: Pictures are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, Photographer Noelia Carballo, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.


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