Louis Vuitton: Volez, Voguez, Voyagez Seoul Exhibition

We are about to close a chapter this year, which has definitely been a big one for fashion in Seoul, not only Korean brands and local markets have exponentially soared, but also international and iconic brands are starting to pay more and more attention towards Korea, in particularly to Seoul as a trend setting Capital. Proof being the fact that Seoul has lately been chosen, as a specific location for very important exhibitions.

The Louis Vuitton, Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibit, that has until now only taken place in a few selected spots, such as Paris and Tokyo, among Seoul and currently being displayed in New York City. A very well structured masterpiece, that allows attendees to travel around an eye pleasing path that will make them regard and understand the brand from a completely different perspective…

If you missed it, come and fly with me through it all

The exhibit was a big hit in the city and even being displayed for a relatively long time period, the doors to Dongdaemun were filled with never-ending queues at any given time, specially during the first month and weekends, making the possibilities of appreciating it without having to go through long queues, a task impossible to accomplish. Queues and all, it would have probably been worth it even when waiting for some time, because of being magnificently curated and the high quality of the content as well as the design of the whole experience.

The exhibit started at a wide, white room of tall ceilings, filled with soft colors and a screen display, in which a plane flies right through some of the spots of those cities, where the exhibit will be accessible.

The exhibit was described as: “The unexpected journey at the heart of Louis Vuitton”, a description, in my opinion, quite close to reality. Starting chronologically with the origins of the brand and continuing through ten different display areas, it covered anything that could be considered representative of “la maison Vuitton” through various scenarios, each centered around a specific concept.

The title Volez, Voguez, Voyagez, which in French literally means, fly, Sail/Wander, Travel. Must seem like a very random concept to center a designer brand exhibition, or so it would be for someone with only basic knowledge of the brand, but the truth is that LV did not always make fancy designer purses to carry daily necessities. This centenary brand actually started getting popular, by making custom designed travel items, for those in need of very specific things that were not available at the time, centered in portraying not only design, but also durability and lightness.

Vuitton saw a blue ocean, in a necessity that was yet to be covered and against any possible forecast, he created a brand that is still venerated many years behind. We could say that he started more as an inventor than a designer, even though the brand´s talent for design has been more than proven over time, specially under the leadership of his son and grandson.

Through the pieces of this exhibit we could appreciate the evolution of their creations, considered the preface of modern luggage and in which slow improvements were being incorporated overtime, while always staying faithful to “the principles of french style, the recognition of the beauty in an object in its function and mobility”.

Centering the exhibition around the concept of traveling was a very fitting choice, not only quite representing of the brand, but also the absolute perfect tribute to its origins. In fact the Volez, Voguez, Voyagez title, displayed all over with beautiful Bold V´s was not an entirely new concept made specifically for the exhibit, but coming from a slogan used around the mid sixties for a Louis Vuitton printed add campaign. The V´s, that hold an important presence on the slogan could have been anything, from a mere coincidence while playing with the name and brand concept´s, to even a slow-paced attempt of a primary form off subliminal advertising.

Advertisement apart, the display covered all you could ask for, since if these small coincidences did not suit your curiosity or taste, aesthetically wise, the smartly developed display would make you feel like a character right out of the oriental express, traveling through time, while looking at the exquisite creations.

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Part four of the exhibit titled, the invention of travel, held five areas, structured following the concepts of “Expedition”, “The rise of Yachting”, The Automobile”, “Aviation” and lastly “Trains” that were in my opinion, the heart of the whole experience. Followed by recreational trunks designed for leisure activities, painted trunks, other creations from the brand and more modern designs featuring collaborations, all adding the final touches to the whole experience.

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Through this exhibit, the long way of a brand that was originally founded in 1854 could be appreciated, a brand that keeps on working to be as timeless today as it was back then.

In Seoul, a place well know for its appreciation for all things luxury, in which consumers highly value brands and are willing to pay high prices for their desired items, the exhibit took over Dongdaemun and the whole space usually reserved for fashion week´s catwalks. Presented on a time, right prior to the Louis Vuitton and supreme collab release, coincidence or genius strategic marketing plan, for a country where both brands are highly valued and well-loved, being the second one specially so, among the youth in Seoul, even more due to scarcity, with the lack of an official store.

The exhibition was able to express and trigger a lot of different feelings and sensations, specially taking into account the fact that we are talking about an exhibition held mostly on travel trunks. Everything was so impeccably tasteful and able to transmit so many stories and such a powerful crave for “wanderlust”, that I could not help but leave a part of my artsy heart on the exhibit, while parting from the place with a huge smile, bigger dreams and the sensation of endless possibilities.


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