The Outfit Diaries: Autumn Vibes at Ewha Womans University

Seoul is a very diverse city. A place where you can find pretty much anything that you might want, from the most traditional or old-looking structures and neighbourhoods, to the most modern and developed buildings and high-tech.

If you are an avid traveler like me, one of those wandering souls filled with “Wanderlust” and love for culture, art and cities with stories to tell, you might want to rethink your bucket list and add Seoul to it.

Seoul might steal your heart, even when you might have not held any special interest towards it to begin with.

The city hides many special areas, and Ewha, even when it might not look like it at first glance, is definitely one of them.

Being one of Seoul´s locations quite beloved by young females, due to the fact that it holds one of the most important women universities in the country, Ewha is one of those areas that might not be extremely famous or feel shiny and sparkly from afar, but holds the potential to become one of your favorite places, after visiting it a couple of times.

Ewha Womans University or 이대 as written in Korean, is a place where you will have a wonderful time, discovering and learning all the hidden treats surrounding this area, do not let the boring exterior of the subway station fool you, it is a location full of surprises that are yet to be explored.


A place where you will be able to feel the expectations and desire for change, only by looking at some of the university students walking along the campus when attending classes or meeting friends.

Ewha holds a sense of rebellion that might feel shocking when compared against the traditional values of Korean society and the look of certain pieces of the architecture around campus, but both campus and city, hide small traces of transition and novelty for those who know how and where to look.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it is who is going to stop me”

– Ayn Rand

Seoul is slowly transforming and at Ewha, the future and name of this revolution is definitely female, being one of the big origins for change and rebellion that comes directly from young women, on the very traditional country and society that South Korea can be at times.

Ewha is not only a beautiful spot to experience or visit, but since it is frequented by many female students, it is also a lovely place to shop at great prices, eating delicious food and discovering adorable small boutiques, bookstores and cafes. The ideal place to enjoy with friends and take beautiful seasonal pictures around the exceptionally pretty campus, while also being not far from central places like Hongdae, that are also so representing of Seoul and where you could head towards to for second rounds of fun.

If you have not visited Ewha yet, I really recommend you to go have a look around, even if you are just spending a couple of days in Seoul.

That was all for today, but I will add some finishing touches with one of my favorite quotes that I find so representing of the feelings I get every time I explore around this beautiful area:

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion with one’s courage” – Anaïs Nin

Hope you liked the article, talk to you soon.



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