Eyebrow Threading in Seoul

Eyebrow Threading and Grooming in Gangnam

Hey there, today I will do a small eyebrow grooming 101, explaining why eyebrow threading is probably one of the best methods out there to take care of your brows, while also doing a small review on the place where I get them done at now that I live in Seoul, in case you happen to visit or live here and find yourself in need of some eyebrow beautification.

I have to start this post by saying that my eyebrows are very hard to manage, completely straight, thick and with exceptionally strong hairs. So much so that they have gained me the Cara Delevingne comparison, many times, even when we look NOTHING alike, just because of my strong-looking brows.

I have gone through all the possible stages with them, from over-plucking them, to trying to arch them, shaping them differently, going back to letting them grow out naturally and the truth is that finding the best way to groom them has been a journey. One that I am very glad I managed to conquer, because even when eyebrows might seem unimportant, they actually frame your whole eye area, making a huge difference into your overall look when you manage to groom them perfectly.

When at home, in Spain, my mom is actually the master of my brows plucking them to perfection, but being my 7th year living abroad I have had to find substitutes to help my brows stay in shape and not end up looking like a character right out of angry birds.

After years of moving around Europe, the States and now living in Seoul and being “blessed” with eyebrows so hard to manage, I came across a few very tragic brow apocalypses, in which I literally had to cut my bangs to dare going out… but also thanks to that I made sure to do my fair share of research to learn about what would work best for them.

With time I have found that the best method out there for me and probably for most people is eyebrow threading. When done by a good brow artist it will not only improve significantly your whole look, making your brows look more polished. Doing it with minimal stress to skin and brows, while being fast and also durable.

My second big recommendation, is for you to follow the natural shape of your brows, which will be the easiest to maintain and the one that suits your features and face best. This will allow you to have beautiful, brows without having to constantly retouch them. Here you can see a picture of my brows after the 1st, almost 2nd month line without getting them done and as you can see they do not look perfect, but are still pretty bearable.

If you follow the natural shape of your brows, you will only have to take care of those small hairs that stick out, here and there. Without having to worry much about the shape. On the contrary the further you go from your natural shape, the fastest you will have to work on them, so they look polished and even.

I find that following this method I do not need to get my eyebrows done that often, I am able to skip the monthly appointments and at times I am even able to push it till the 3 month mark if I have a busy schedule, where as before when trying to change their shape or using other methods I would need to consider going back to the salon after about week 2.

Of course there are other methods available like plucking or waxing and at the end is all a personal preference. I personally find plucking best for small touch ups or else takes extremelly long and very skilled hands. While waxing I find not precise enough and not soothing or gentle with the skin. Especially taking into account the fact that we are pulling the skin around the eye, which is one of the most sensitive and thin areas and so prone to wrinkles and sagging. Reason why I really do encourage you to give it a second thought, if you tend to wax your eyebrows regularly.

Now, where to get eyebrow threading in Seoul?

I get them done at PNBeauty in Gangnam, close to exit 1, and this is how you can get there:

Get out of Exit 1, Gangnam Station:

Eyebrow threading in Seoul

Walk straight until you see the Cambridge building on your right (the one with golden doors) then turn right and walk straight until you find an Olive Young. The building will be right after Olive Young and next to a shoe store. The  building on the third picture is the one you will be looking for:

Once you have entered the building go to your left and go to the second floor store 213-2, walking to your left you will find PNBeauty.

Opening hours: 11:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday & 11:00 to 19:00 on Saturdays.

Phone: 010-6385-1270

Contact: PNBeauty on KAKAO, LINE and WECHAT

Address: 서울시 강남구 역삼동 825-24 효성해링턴타워 2층 213-2호         Instagram

I usually get my appointments through Kakao and even though the owner does not speak fluent English, she will try to speak as best as she can to help you make the appointment.

The eyebrow threading is also pretty affordable 10,000 if you pay in cash, but like in most places in Korea you will get an extra fee if you pay with card.

About the experience:

I am pretty happy with it now, even though the first time I went I was not very satisfied with the result. Because I did not find any other place I could go to for threading I decided to give it another chance, before writing the name on my black list with permanent marker. Now I am so glad I gave it a second try, because after the second time I was very happy with the results and have been going ever since.

If you want to have a good eyebrow threading experience, my advice is to show a clear picture of what you want, not many, just a very visible and good example of exactly what you want done, to help with the language barrier. Also do not be afraid to ask to her to fix any parts that you might not be 100% happy with, since she will do it for you and you will be more satisfied with the end result.

To summarize, threading is fast but allows a good level of accuracy so the artist can work better on details. Even if not completely pain-free, the level of pain is still very bearable. Threading is more gentle with the skin, since as I mentioned before, since pressure and pulling is minimal only pulling from individual hairs and not the whole area.

If you have been considering threading, I suggest you give it a go to see how it works for you and if you are in Seoul and in search of a place where they get it done, check PNBeauty, I have been pretty happy with the results until now.



  1. Zipporah
    April 20, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    Thank you so much! I went to her, and she was soooo good! She’s also really sweet. And, last but not least, my brows are FIRE lol they look so good! I’ll be going to her from now on

    • April 20, 2018 / 9:02 am

      You are very welcome I am happy to hear that your eyebrows are FIRE, pretty eyebrows pretty everything for the whole month 😉 ❤

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