Styling Portfolio: Korean Fashion & Ladification

I am back with another styling project, in an editorial centered around Korean fashion. This shoot was done both inside and outside, the location chosen was AST, a very cute cafe located in the Yongsan district.

This small and stylish cafe and showroom, has not only dream aesthetics, but is also very involved among the art scene. AST is not only a cafe, but a lifestyle brand that aspires to support different artist and artistic projects, both through collaborations or sometimes serving as the location for certain artistic creations. If you are an art lover or you like cute corners, filled with special charms, I highly suggest you to visit this place, it is the perfect place to get inspired.

This was definitely one of my favourite projects in 2017. Not did I only love the concept and chosen scenery that was simple, classy and yet very urban and somehow so representing of Korea. Having the same mix in between something that looks very fancy and suddenly being out somewhere that looks so traditional and somehow decadent, but still holds a very special charm.

But besides that on this particular project, I was able to choose every single one of the items, accessories and styling approach, merely by myself without having to double-check or justify my choices with anybody and therefore really enjoyed the fact that through this shoot I was able to express a lot of my personal style and identity.

All pictures were taken by the talented photographer, Noelia Carballo, and some of them printed on Mutzine Magazine´s Issue #02.

The beautiful model posing is Moon Da Hyeon. Make up and hair were taken care of by the lovely Eunyeong Baek and styling help was also provided, by talented Hojung, who added touches while I was busy, to help coordinate outfits.

Clothes: Miss Gee                                                              Accessories: Viollina, 91.2

Clothes: J Koo                                                                              Accessories: Viollina

Clothes: Miss Gee, 91.2                                            Accessories: Helena and Kristie

Clothes: The Centaur, 91.2                                         Accessories: Helena and Kristie

Clothes: The Centaur

****Disclaimer: Pictures are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, Photographer Noelia Carballo, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.


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