K-Designers: R.Shemiste Flagship

R.Shemiste Sinsa Flagship Store

Korean designer brand Rshemiste was established in 2013 by designing duo, Jiyeun Won & Jooho Lee. The brand which has been part of Seoul’s fashion week events, since their debut when presenting their 2014 FW collection, has even been covered by publications as renowned as Vogue.

As eyes keep on turning towards K-Fashion, R.Shemiste designers have also been stepping up their game not only in terms of designing and commercialization, but also by taking active part into social movements through their art and designs.

Last couple of years have brought a lot of change into South Korea, with not only political but also many social conflicts being put into the spotlight and rising awareness on topics that might have been dealt under the table in previous times. The desire for change has risen the voices of many wanting to be heard, making social movements a big priority for youth; specially when talking about women, collectives and people into the art scene, who wish to hold a leading part of the current change.

R.Shemiste´s Store decorations at Sinsa´s flagship store:

R.ShemisteR.shemiste has taken its chance and as many other fellow brands before, expressed its support to certain causes through their art. A move which personally gives me new respect and appreciation for those brands choosing to use their influence and status to be more present into society, bringing their contribution for a better world.

The past August 2017, the fellow K-Brand, opened a flagship store in Sinsa, one of Seoul´s most popular locations when talking about fashion. Location that would hold their show for the SS18 collection, later on in October, during Seoul Fashion Week.

The event, which I had the pleasure to attend was very well carried, in a combination of dream aesthetics, display of the latest collection until the date, as well as great ambiance, music and merchandise.



I personally really like R.Shemiste´s designs and style which in my opinion bring a good balance in between old and new influences, holding the perfect dressy-athleisure combo to look trendy while walking through the city and also bringing some sort of 90´s nostalgia with their collections, so representing of the trends from that era.

Even if the brand´s designs are not your cup of tea, you might still want to stop by the store and have a look at it. If you like fashion and art, the location is a definite must see in my dictionary and here you have the reason why:




As you can see the store has goal aesthetics, they are colorful, blunt and stylish, every room has different tones and a main concept, but all are filled with loads of mirrors that will allow you to try to get the perfect selfie and capture the essence of each space.

Lastly, if you are curious about my ootd, it is quite simple and consists in a black floral dress, with quarter length sleeve and halter neck tying at the back, basic black shorts (Just because I am tall and everything in Korea is too short for me), tanned rose pointy swede flats, square-shaped black and gold, leather bag and minimalistic jewelry.

My adorable and stylish friend is wearing an all white combination of blouse, skirt and slightly tanned waist corset, thin geometric earrings and stacked necklaces, with trainers and green socks that throw the finishing touches slightly matching her hair.


If you want to shop R.Shemiste or see more about the brand here you have their webpage, and if you find yourself in Sinsa with some time to spare, I recommend you to go have a look, it is right behind exit 1.


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