Styling Portfolio: Interview at Ryunique

The past spring I got offered a project, styling the outfit for a one on one interview with Ryunique´s chef and owner Tae Hwan Ryu, whose restaurant takes name after, in a smart and playful combination with the word unique.

Ryunique is a top-notch restaurant located in Sinsa, Seoul, a charming location, very well appreciated globally and considered one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. The restaurant is not only well-known in Seoul, but is also receiving a rising amount of foreign visitors that go to the beautiful location to appreciate the elaborated fusion dishes served. Dishes made with the experience and combination of the knowledge Mr. Ryu acquired while working and traveling for almost a decade.

Fusion dishes in which you can observe the different traces of influences rooting from various cultures, while served so beautifully that you might feel bad about having to eat them at first. Feeling that you will immediately forget right after trying them, because the flavor of the dishes, will make destroying such a beautiful creation more than worth it.

The chef was extremely nice and seemed very humble and down to earth. Him and his team, even prepared some dishes, so our crew to take pictures. Dishes that at the end of the interview we were allowed to eat and fully enjoy, which made the foodie in me delighted in happiness.

This project is actually the one, where I got to meet my good friend Becky White, whom I had the pleasure to style and work with many times after and this was the outfit chosen for her, most items are from Duier´s awesome store, which is also located in Sinsa. Pictures were taken by talented photographer Charles Chan, who was able to perfectly capture the beauty of the whole scenery, without subtracting importance from the outfit.

This was the outfit that I worked on, but now I will give you a small peak into the behind the scenes, food and aesthetics, so you can travel with me through this beautiful experience (Pictures 1, 3 & 4 were taken by me, the rest belong to photographer Charles Chan to whom their copyright fully belongs to, but who has very nicely given me permission to disclose them for this article)

Ryunique sonsa restaurant

Ryunique dishes

Ryunique cuisine

Tae Hwan Ryu Ryunique´s chef

****Disclaimer: Pictures are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, Photographer Charles Chan, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.


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