Styling and Grooming Singer Miso

Singer Miso Interviewed

I am back with another addition of my styling portfolio, on this project I had the pleasure to be able to style and groom lovely singer Miso, for an interview with an independent magazine here in Seoul.

I did not know Miso prior to this project, but I must say I became fond of her after it, not only because of her music and amazing voice, but mainly because of her personality. She was so sweet, calm and genuinely nice, that there is no way you would not have liked her after meeting her personally.

This project as many others, had to be prepared under the clock. Which involved a lot of stress and last-minute work, only being able to get approval on the whole concept 2 days before the scheduled shoot. The moodboard, in which I included 3 main outfit concepts, as well as the make up and hair approach, was passed to Miso´s manager and then to Miso herself, for her to decide what kind of outfit she would feel more comfortable in.

She went for concept number two, the Jean concept, but voiced her wishes to make it a little bit more feminine and glam. For which I added some touches through make up, hair and some different styling pieces that altogether slightly modified the initial selected approach. The fact that she voiced her taste, is probably one of the things that I liked and respected the most about her. Since she made sure to speak about anything she might not have liked or would like to have changed or amplified, while always keeping sweet and soft manners and voicing it in a very respectful way. Which on my eyes had something very positive to say, not only about her personality and the way she treats others, but also about the way she works, since her approach showed a lot of professionalism and made both our jobs a lot easier to accomplish.

Singer Miso

Singer Miso

Singer Miso

Make up was aiming to be glamorous and a bit dark, while also portraying femininity and without losing the characteristic glow that I wished to be the center of the whole look. For that, I made sure Miso´s complexion was glowing, while also putting some emphasis on her eyes, but softening out the lips with a very blended burgundy color, for a very natural, my lips but better color.

Even though I was in charge of all the styling and grooming, the shoot was scheduled for a day in which I already had to work in the morning, which made me grab a taxi in a rush and head to the location right after I finished my first appointment. When I arrived I was already worried about being in a rush and the fact that I might have had to communicate in Korean, but Miso spoke perfect English. So I was not only able to explain myself better, but also to interact with her while doing my work, which was very nice. Miso and I chatted a bit, while getting her ready and since she had been living in Europe and I am European myself, we got to exchange a bit about our favourite places and experiences there. She was a bit shy at first, but while taking to her I realized that she was very down to earth, even after having succeeded, which is something that I must applaud, because sadly it is not always the case. For all that plus the fact that she rocks making music, and has a honey like voice, I really encourage you to go check her out if you do not know her already, she is not only very talented, but also quite humble and nice.

If you want to listen to Singer Miso, you can do it here.

For the shoot we used two outfits that were shot in different parts of the location. For outfit number one we ended up adding a new item on set, one that my lovely colleague Ha Doung was wearing, but that she very kindly let us made use of, the beautiful checkered jacket on all pictures.

As for the rest of the items I chose, you have Viollina for the earings and necklace, Stylenanda basic jean shorts, a golden see through blouse from Salon de SeoulHelena and Kristie lovely golden-colored pumps and stunning two toned Gentlemonster cat eye sunglasses.

Singer Miso

Singer Miso

Singer Miso

Singer Miso

This was outfit number one, pictures were taken by energetic photographer Kang Min Kyu, and the interview was done for Mutzine magazine and published on Issue #02.

Do you wish to see more?

Stay tuned for the behind the scenes, which will contain outfit number two, as well as the ambiance and the overall aesthetic of the location. Click for Part II on Singer Miso ´s interview.

See you again soon.


****Disclaimer: Pictures of Singer Miso are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, Photographer Kang Min Kyu, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.



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