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Korean Singer Miso Part II & Behind the Scenes

As you might have seen on previous posts, I had the pleasure to be able to style and groom Korean singer Miso, for an interview with an independent magazine in Seoul.

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Being Miso a singer (you can check her musichere) the location selected was a record store with killer aesthetics, located right in the middle of Itaewon. The name of the place is Mmm Records – 음레코드, even when being part of Itaewon, this hip record store might still be a hidden spot for many.

Located far away from the part of Itaewon that you have probably visited a thousand times if you live in Seoul. Not being around the area where you will go get drinks or “exotic” foods on a Saturday night, this spot might still be a place that people who are not into the music scene might easily miss. A very well-known location among artist as a spot for great music shoots, because as usual in Seoul, you can many times find the greatest places on the most unusual locations. The store, is right on the middle of a really authentic part of Itaewon, an old neighborhood full of ups, downs and old structures where the cultural and artsy mix might have started, a place around which one of the most hip neighborhoods of Seoul, started to develop.

The record store lays on one of the tallest parts, right at the top of a big hill, reserved only for those couple of brave ones that dare to climb it. Aesthetics can be described, at the least, by perfectly suited for a record store that has a wall full of LP´s. A subtle mix of styles conveying a unique aura, with predominant punk vibes that will teleport you out of Seoul and right into an underground location that could perfectly be the spot for a local punk performance on the England of the early 70´s.

Korean Singer MisoKorean Singer Miso

Korean Singer Miso

After this short introduction of the location, here you have a couple more pictures of outfit I, as well as the ones for outfit II, all other pictures of the location and behind the scenes are my own, but the ones that I will be showing on this section were taken by energetic photographer Kang Min Kyu, to whom the copyright of the pictures belongs to, but who has given me the permission to share his art for my portfolio.

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The second outfit, it is based around the same basic pieces, but with slight variations aiming to create diverse feelings from the precious one. You still have Viollina, but just for the earings, Stylenanda basic jean shorts and the golden see through blouse from Salon de Seoul.

The shoes even though still signed by Helena and Kristie are not pumps anymore, but platform sandals in a metallic green and pearl detailing, giving that similar look close to a school attire. Gentlemonster´s sunglasses are switched to soft semi see through, sky blue colored ones, for a retro feel and for my favorite piece, the beautiful and unique rose stamped jean jacket from 13Month, which is in my opinion the star of both outfits, a piece I gave a small touch, by rolling my black bandana around the right sleeve.

As for make up, I just slightly darkened the eye look, softened the glow on the skin and changed the lip color, to a shade right in between fuchsia and scarlet red to match the jacket´s red roses.

Korean Singer Miso

Korean Singer Miso

For the last part, I am going to present you “my behind the scenes” of the interview with Korean singer Miso, which will show you my take on the whole thing, where you will be able to see and feel exactly how I did behind my own camera lens, I hope you enjoy.

Korean Singer Miso

That was all for today, hope you enjoyed going through a shoot with talented Korean singer Miso with me, I will see you again soon. Have a lovely week,




  1. April 25, 2018 / 4:28 am

    Your job is literally so cool. Can I tag along with you for a day to see how you get to styling? Miso is so pretty and what a pleasure it must have been to style her. The choices you made in her fashion were fantastic!!!! I’m also a huge fan of Gentlemonster’s glasses. Do you have any favorite styles for the summer?

    • April 25, 2018 / 4:43 am

      Hey Gina thank you, yeah if it is a work project it will be a bit difficult but if you want to meet up l can show you a bit of how l work 🙂 thank you so much it is a big compliment to hear something like that about my job ❤ Micro fashion is in, small glasses, purses and accesories but BIG earrings 😉

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