We Are All Strangers On The Streets

We are all strangers, strangers on the street

I walked past you on the street, we might have been strangers just meant to cross paths once, but accidentally, we ended up looking into eachother´s eyes and with just that one look, I found myself wondering about the kind of person you could be. What else was there, other than what I could see, what you might be like… what you really are like.

I wondered about the face you might put when being extremely happy, or the one when feeling devastated. I wondered if you twitched your eyes when you were tired, or if maybe, just maybe, you also stared into the nothingness when you were sad. It made me wonder about us, about all of us, about what we all are like, other than what can already be seen at first glance… Man, woman, young, old, students, workers, tall, short…

There are so many things that could be said from just having a quick look at someone, but I know, specially speaking about my own self, that those are not all there is. Which at times makes me wonder who we really are, all of us strangers on that street. You, my morning crush on today´s subway. You, the person on the bus that smiled a bit awkwardly from the distance. You, the old lady walking alone through the streets, making me want to lower my pace and walk along with you, to keep you company. You, the girl crying on that bench, making me feel that heartache you were feeling, with you too. Maybe you, the handsome guy I would have liked to have had the courage to smile to, when ordering my coffee at the Starbucks near my house this morning. Looking at all of you I start to wonder… I wonder what you all are like and how your story might be.

I wonder what might be making your eyes smile so brightly, or why the same set of eyes, when belonging to someone else, might look so profoundly sad. I wonder why you might be walking with you shoulders down, or what event, gave you that smirk on your face. I wonder about you, about your story, because they matter and at times, I would like to hear about them too.


We cross outstanding amounts of people, complete strangers without even looking at them, lives are busy, spaces are crowded and we are so preoccupied with our own life, that we forget about the rest. We just go by thousands of people, like ghosts, without leaving any impression, as if we all had never been there to begin with, as if it had never happened; but at times there are people like you that make me question stuff, people who evoke feelings, people who seem to have a story to tell, one that I would like to hear, even for just a couple of minutes. I would like to hear your thoughts, maybe share your pain and making it a little bit more bearable, share an accomplice smile to which we are the only ones knowing the reason behind, I would like to hear you out, because we all have a story to tell.

To all the strangers I crossed on the street, what are your stories, other than any ordinary definition? Are you someone who I am supposed to just cross paths with once… or have we maybe crossed each other many times before without neither of us even realizing it. Will you always be just a stranger… or maybe, are you someone who is going to play a big part in my future. Have we meet any another time… maybe in a previous life, being that sense of familiarity what is making me wonder.

The truth is that we are strangers, I do not know who you are, who you might be later on or who you have been until now, but at that second when we crossed looks, you stepped out of that dark mist of people, becoming a little bit more real, making me wonder about your deepest thoughts. Maybe I felt a connection that triggered my curiosity and made me want to know all about your mind and soul, all those small things that make you special, things that might feel so small that you might have never told anyone else before.

We seem to be just strangers, but who knows maybe we have been at the same spot many times, but our red threads never pulled us close enough. Maybe we woke up at the same time this morning, or we wear each other´s favorite scent, maybe we smile at the same things or we eat m&m´s the same way, maybe we will be each others favorite person at one point, or each other´s future friends, or even that person who will end up dating the one that broke our heart, maybe we were one of those strangers on each other´s already lost childhood memories… Maybe without knowing any of this, we crossed paths, only feeling that energy pulling us closer, for no apparent reason. Maybe you also wondered about what kind of person I am. Maybe, just maybe you felt it too, but we parted ways again without answering any of those questions.

Leaving me all those maybes also wondering about who I am. Who am I? I might have been that stranger, looking at you with curiosity on the train, or the one that half smiled at you, because was too shy to look at you in the eye and smile brightly as I would have done to an old friend. Maybe the one looking at the floor with a blank stare while being lost into her thoughts. I could very easily, have been the one smiling brightly when looking through the train´s window as we passed that bridge today. Maybe, that person whose eyes were almost filled with tears, trying very hard to not break down on the middle of that crowded street. Maybe we have never crossed paths before, but just in case you wonder…

I can be that person that seems confident, but will also be shy to say hello first. The one smiling at you awkwardly if I do not know you, but smiling at you as brightly as if you were the sun, once we have become close. I am that person that will be there no matter what if you need me, which is also probably true even in the case I might not know you. I am one of those people who weirdly does certain things only in even numbers, like eating candy or messing with the volume on the television. The kind of person who likes to eat her favorite foods at the end, saving the best for last. The one doing the happy dance when she sees or eats delicious foods. That person, who seems so serious, but never stops smiling and playing around after I get enough confidence to be myself around you.

I am that person who likes to enjoy the rain, watching it fall, feeling it, smelling it, walking on it and listening to it. The one looking at the new drops fall over the accumulated water, feeling as if all of it, would be washing my troubles away. I am the one that might look away or get red in embarrassment, if you stare at me a bit too long. The one that feels happy at something as simple as getting her favorite colors on her favorite candy, just because they look pretty and colorful, but also the one who will insist that it is because they taste better, even if they all taste exactly the same. I am the one getting lost into her thoughts while looking deeply at the stars on a cold night, because the intensity of the dark sky together with those shiny stars, make everything else seem small in comparison.


I am that person that might smile and act like everything is fine, even when I am broken inside, but also the one who is taking her time to learn how to cure her own injuries, one at the time. I am one of those who enjoys feeling warm at home on a cold night, but also feels sad about those people who might not have a warm place to stay, so decides to open the windows for a bit and let the fresh breeze in, but ends up rolled up in blankets, because can not stand well the cold. The one that looks into the fire and wonders how does it all work. Someone who knows her favourite movies by heart, but still reacts to things as if it was her first time watching. Someone who likes to see beauty in the small things, even in adversity, like a flower coming out of the pavement, or a lonely Sunray coming through the cloudy sky on a rainy day. I am that person who gets mixed up with languages, speaking a new form of dialect that sometimes only I can understand.

Someone who enjoys getting lost in a new city, just to find herself once again on the process. Someone seeking motivation and challenges, to keep on growing every day. The one that usually hates to wake up early, putting 15 alarms and also the one making messes around her, laughing afterwards to ease the embarrassment. I am many things, many simple and  many complicated. I am a mix of ideals, experiences and feelings. I am all those books I have read, all the people I have met, all the places I have visited, all the times I have laughed and all the ones I have cried. All that music that made me feel something, all those art pieces that once gave me goosebumps, all those mistakes I made.

I am all that and many things more… I do not know if I should have been the person explaining you this, maybe you never cared to begin with and ended here by chance, maybe you were supposed to find out for yourself, maybe it is something that makes you uncomfortable, being so raw… Maybe you will be someone confirming those facts in the future, while learning many more on the process, maybe, just maybe, because neither of us know. The truth is that we might have crossed paths on a Saturday morning, or a Tuesday evening, the truth is that we might not know each other, the truth is that:

Right now we are just strangers, but for all I know, you could be someone extremely special, you could be exquisitely extraordinary, without even knowing it yourself. You do not know me, but maybe, just maybe, you have crossed paths with me too and just in case you ever crossed my path and also wondered about me, now you have a couple more of the pieces belonging to that puzzle. And maybe, just maybe one day, I might have some pieces of your puzzle too…



Maybe, if we pass each other on the city, in the mist of one these concrete jungles, where everyone is trying to survive, maybe, just maybe we can look at each other in the eyes and just smile. Smile because now we know…

If you want to know a bit more about me or about pushing your boundaries here you have probably one of my rawest published writings. If you have ever, if you plan to or if you are currently traveling, I really recommend you to give it a read.





  1. March 24, 2018 / 1:09 am

    ¡Qué bello post, Lo!
    Realmente bello; cada párrafo, cada palabra. Me sentí muy identificado con muchas de lo que escribiste, muy. Los últimos párrafos son excelentes.

    Te seguiré leyendo para conocer un poco más de la verdadera Lorena.

    Saludos y un abrazo a la distancia, desde la otra parte del mundo, Argentina.

    Cristian (lorenzofuchi)

    • March 24, 2018 / 12:28 am

      Muchas gracias 🙂 Qué tengas un excelente día 🤗

      • Cristian
        March 24, 2018 / 2:24 pm

        No, de nada 😊 ¡Muchas gracias! Espero que vos también hayas tenido un excelente día 🤗

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