Greedilous FW 2018 Seoul Fashion Week

Greedilous Seoul Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018

Tuesday, March 20th, the first day of Seoul fashion week, at 4:00 pm in DDP Art Hall 1 a show is about to start. The room is filled with people, most of them smiling and greeting each other, others expectant. At the back of the room, a colorful presentation of big letters reading Greedilous, the name of the brand which show we are all eager to see…

Hallways were filled with cameras, photographers, fashionistas and plenty of personalities sporting some of the brands most representative designs. The space, was not only brimming with people and expectation, but also with music clearly matching the ambiance, lively chords alike with the atmosphere.

As the scheduled time for the show, kept getting closer, those paying attention, could have appreciated the slow shift on the ambiance, the music, gently getting softer and people starting to move towards their seats. At once, the lights turned almost dark and the room became completely quiet, we were about to watch the hard work of a whole season.

When the lights turned of, the before tumultuous ambiance, became so quiet that you might have been able to hear a pin drop if it weren’t for the music. And just like that, a new music selection started, accompanied by the first outfits, which were making their debut into the world through the catwalk.

The collection presented was extensive, with a total of around 70 pieces, portraying a mix of textures, materials, shapes and a fair range of colors. Designs that even when being quite representative of the brand, brough a slightly new spectrum on the designer´s creative mind, introducing us a somewhat more mature and feminine version than the previous collection, when talking about shapes and colors, but without losing the booming creativity that designer and creative director, Park Youn Hee, is so well appreciated for.

The catwalk, was also not the average. Portraying many different kinds of models, all with various traits and styles, while also including walking techniques, that clearly differ from the traditional steady walk that has been ruling fashion for as long as we can remember and bringing us a bright and energetic side of fashion today.

The collection, with outfits and an aesthetic that could easily represent a modern and chic version of Alice in Wonderland´s world, presented us with pieces with which “Alice” does not have to go into a dream to escape reality and live experiences, by giving men and women wearing Greedilous, the means to start creating their own.

With designs, replete with an individuality that will make you stand out of the crowd, the person wearing them will be able to express a different charisma far out from the normal standard. A very sparse, but beautiful attribute in an era like the today, where society is still held to met many standards, but in which also many more people are searching for the perfect way to express their individuality and break those molds that they do not necessarily fit into.

Designer Park Youn Hee, was able to express that quality among many others through her art, fashion. Setting a new precedent along with other fellow K-designers, specially in a society like the one in Korea, where modesty is still considered a big pillar and foundation of the community, but in which designers, like Park Youn Hee, are giving the means for people to stand out, and start being whoever they want to be, regardless of the people who might be looking at them strangely.

If you want to see some of my footage from the collection, here you have a link to my Instagram, where you will be able to find the videos under the Instagram story collection named FW, feel free to follow, if you want to keep up with future updates.

On this article, you had my favourite pieces out of the 2018 Fall winter collection, if you are curious to see more about the brand, here you have the official Instagram, as well as the one of designer Park Youn Hee.

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Greedilous Seoul Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018


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  1. lara gaitan gomez
    March 26, 2018 / 5:13 pm

    Great reportage!! Thanks for your work Lorena!!

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