Han Chul Lee FW 2018 Seoul Fashion Week

Han Chul Lee Seoul Fashion Week 2018

Thursday March 22nd, 10:00 am, this time I am heading towards Art Hall 2, to watch my 3rd show of the season, the new FW 2018 collection by designer Han Chul Lee.

Han Chul Lee, the brand, is a fairly young label and in general when examining Korean fashion, you will be able to see that most brands have been founded quite recently, specially if compared to their European or even American counterparts. The fashion scene in Seoul and Korean fashion in general are quite young, having boomed though the 2010´s, specially with the rising popularity of K-pop. After fashion week was launched, amazing creators were brought out into the spotlight, proving that young, is not necessarily something negative. More and more designers are bringing us their take on style and trends, building new roads for creativity. Han Chul Lee, the designer, is one of them, a designer that might have established his brand only 4 years ago, but also a creator that has a lot to say with his art.

Han Chul Lee, founded his menswear brand, sharing his own same name, on 2014, but prior to that he had launched collections and taken part in many creative projects and competitions in Europe and Asia, winning prizes and awards along the way.

On previous collections such as “The Body”, “Savage Grace” or “W.D.L.B.” he brought us, original and beautifully tailored pieces, influenced by the mixture and combination of different sources of inspiration, such as the movement and structure on the human body, or the combination of cultures.

Han Chul Lee Seoul Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018 On this 2018, with “Romantic Equipment” for the FW collection and “Starboy” for the SS season, designer Han Chul Lee has shown us a new side on his creations though the new designs. Pieces created under very distinct structural work on the pattern design when compared to previous seasons, presenting a slightly looser fit, that enables pieces to generate their own movement when worn. The collections have also presented wider color palettes, slowly driving away from his usual choices, based in predominant black, reds, and the occasional white.

Like in most of his collections, the outfits portrayed major attention to details, from linings to buttons, everything has a goal behind, which does not leave a single part of the body unattended, even when being most outfits not overly accessorized.

On this runway, we were able to see turtlenecks, statement necklaces, velvet boots and my personal favorite, the beautiful royal blue and black gloves protecting the hands of the models and giving the outfits an edgier point.

Head accessories have been a staple this season, we have seen it all around Paris and Milan, where any types of hats, scarfs and different head accessories have been on the spotlight. Han Chul Lee seems to have also been inspired by this trend, presenting many of the outfits, hats and or head wraps in different colors and materials.

Overall the collection was filled with designs that even when looking sober at first sight, held extreme attention to detail. Traditional graphics, very few patterns, mostly checkered and pieces with not only basic asymmetry, but also his signature layering on the item´s construction. Pieces that portrayed a slightly looser fit, while aiming to maintain classic tailoring elements, lines that could remind of a KENZO of earlier years.

Following the concept he had chosen for his SS 2018, he introduced us to a new season in which asymmetry and denim creations are still present, but having left acids and athleisure look behind, substituting it for structured outerwear pieces that bring emphasis on the upper body.  Pieces with predominant royal blue, yellows and red, along with some black, his color by excellence, which could seem almost non-existent when compared  in quantity to previous collections.

A catwalk centered around the pieces of outerwear, with a very fitted choice of music , all under Korean signature, which I will leave underneath and I suggest you turn on while looking the designs, since it will give it a new dimension to the outfits while imagining the flowyness of the pieces.

Track one: Wetter – Lucy – For the first set of outfits

Track two: Ohhyuk, Cifika 오혁, 씨피카 – Momom 몸마음 – For the second Set

On this article, you had my favourite pieces out of the 2018 Fall winter collection, if you are curious to see more about the brand, here you have the official Instagram, as well as the one of designer Han Chul Lee.

If you want to see some of my footage from the collection, here you have a link to my Instagram, where you will be able to find the videos under the Instagram story collection named FW, feel free to follow, if you want to keep up with future updates.

Han Chul Lee brand´s webpage

Han Chul Lee Seoul Fashion Week Fall Winter 2018

****Disclaimer: The media used for this article, belongs to Seoul Fashion Week & Han Chul Lee, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.



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