Romanchic FW 2018 Seoul Fashion Week

Thursday 22nd and back at Art Hall 1, this time it is Romanchic ´s show, the one about to start. At the selected location, care and thought, had been put into every small detail. A fact that stood out to me from the exact moment in which I was handed the beautiful invitations. Given out in alluring golden brown envelopes, the invitations did not only hold the tickets, but also a card, acting as a first introduction to the collection. Containing even a small map that helped easily locate your selected seats, among the sea of possibilities.

Once at the seat section, even name tags had a specific pattern and lettering, unlike most shows, where very basic formating tends to be used. The usage of a different format, is not necessarily something that holds great importance on a show, but seeing the special design and font, made me appreciative of the extra effort and thoughtfulness, that had been put, to make everything as aesthetically pleasing and yet simple as possible, to not only fit the collection, but also the overall brand´s image.

Romanchic is a Korean brand launched in 2013, under designer 최혜정 Choi Hye Jeong, or HJ as she generally sign by. A brand aiming to “provide balance among feminine and modern silhouettes, through a strong foundation on romantic beauty” in order to create sophisticated yet simple pieces that have “romanticism as their main motif”. Here you have a review on their latest collection, which was as attentive, with even the smallest details, as most concepts described above.

The past years, there has been a very palpable swift into fashion and trends, one that was specially visible among designers the past FW 2018 collections in cities like Paris, Milan, London or New York. It seems like designers are trying to understand their consumers a bit better, getting a grasp on the current social situation, while also trying to slightly adapt to it.

A new side of fashion, which has been specially true in the latest women´s collections. Even big brands have been shifting from their previous modus, in favour of creating designs and trends, also fitting for the day to day. The demand for wearable fashion, seems to have grown significantly, with women rising their voices in many aspects of life, where fashion has not been left untouched. A change that was especially obvious, during Paris fashion week this season. A shift that creative director and designer Choi Hye Jeong and her creations, are undoubtedly, also a part of.

Romanchic´s designer, seems to see eye to eye with fellow European designers, by bringing beautiful designs, that are not only charming and delicate, but also able to meet the necessities of women today. Soft but innovative creations, filled with elegance and class, that could easily remind you of women from other eras, while also being representing of so many aspects of the current daily life and women today.

The models were wearing soft and feminine hairdos and make up that spoke loudly and powerfully right onto the brands name, combination of the words “Romantic & Chic”. With such a fitted grooming approach and dressed in suits, beautiful and luxurious coats, pants and skirts, along with lovely dresses and statement shoes and accessories, the models hit the runway. With a very balanced collection, Romanchic portrayed around 40 outfits, displaying a considerably fair amount of pieces and a rich selection of materials, from fur, flannel, velvet, leather, cotton to even sheer chiffon, among others.

Decorative elements and motifs, like ruffles, ribbons, quilting, distressed detailing on wool (a change from the mostly only distressed denim we are all so used to seeing), lace detailing along two piece suits and an intelligent combination of shapes, layers and fits, struck along the runway.  A beautiful ensemble of designs, delightful to watch, in a collection, named “Siesta” a Spanish word describing that blissful time of sleep in the amid of the day. A collection, in which we were able to appreciate soft and snuggly creations, with which women today can dress themselves, without having to sacrifice. 

In today´s busy and already complicated life, women want the best of both worlds. Being most of us on the look out for pieces with which we do not have to neglect important aspects of the day-to-day, like keeping warm or comfortable, just in the name of fashion. With her new collection Romanchic, seemed to have read most women’s minds, being able to deliver, practical and wearable pieces that still exuded alluring femininity, class and style.

On this article, you had my favourite pieces out of the 2018 Fall winter collection, if you are curious to see more about the brand, here you have the official Instagram, as well as the one of designer Choi Hye Jeong.

If you want to see some of my footage from the collection during Fashion Week, here you have a link to my Instagram, where you will be able to see footage and keep up with future updates.

Romanchic brand´s webpage



****Disclaimer: The media used for this article, belongs to Seoul Fashion Week, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.



  1. April 25, 2018 / 4:29 am

    These are some stunning runway look. I love how detailed your review is! I managed to attend they’re show last year but I couldn’t this year because of scheduling issues! Thank you for making me feel like I was I attendance🙏🏿. Did you study a fashion degree??

    • April 25, 2018 / 4:48 am

      l missed last years show, how did you like last season? Awwww🙈🙈🙈 thank you, actually l studied Business Management and Marketing for my degree, but l took many courses on this field and l have been working on it for a long time, also my mom was a fashion designer so l have seen it since birth ^^ l am actually saving for a second master in fashion which was my original plan 🙂

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