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Hi there you all, I am very excited to share this project with you, now that is finally out after a lot of work. On this project, focused around the Korean fashion and art scenery, I was once again in charge of developing the styling and grooming concept that we will be filming around. The director had already set the filming spots, main concept and set approach, but I needed to figure out and set the story and feelings I wanted to transmit with my work. The project, named Seoulist, is a course of episodes, each centered around a specific model, brand and concept, but all aiming to highlight not only Seoul as a city, but also shed light in Seoul’s art landscape.

With these series the director, Johnny Kim, wants to share with the world a bit about the beautiful art scenery, artists and also creators that Korea has to offer. The talent, the products, the sources of inspiration and the art itself that surrounds the South Korean capital. Because in a society that generally rewards efficacy over innovation and about which most people would think, its level of creation and art would be quite flat and unexpressive, reality is quite different. Seoul is not only filled with beautiful locations, but also homes a colorful, inspiring and rich variety of concepts, art and artists.

Coincidentally enough, if someone were to ask me to describe Seoul´s art scene, I might probably describe it with similar words to the ones giving name to this fashion film, “Rise and Haze”. For me art in Seoul is in a “Rise and Haze” stage, one where art has become highly developed on the last years, rising like never before, but also at the same time one where sadly, a lot of creation, pieces and artists still remain on the shade, in a slight state of obscurity, but ready to pop out and be discovered by the world.

Director, Johnny Kim, has similar thoughts and with his art, he wants to “find and share Seoul´s unique vibe”, telling the story of this beautiful city, through fashion music and the collective ideas of Korean creators. He wants to let the city tell you its own story through the perspectives of different people. Transmitting what Seoul is to many, on the eyes and thoughts of different people, various cultures, ideas and backgrounds and coloring with them, this art capital, in multiple shades.

Here you had the Fashion film which I hope you watched full screen and high quality to appreciate all the beautiful details, and here you have the story behind it…

For this project we shoot on a normal February Wednesday, during the very early morning, it was extremely cold, but the aura and lighting given by the sunrise on the river was very well worth it.
The director made sure to give us beautiful aesthetic and his filming story line, to which I added through my art, all those emotions and feelings I wanted to express and portray for you, the spectator watching. With this episode, I wanted to talk about life, about the reality and duality of it all, about the light and the shade, about the white, the blacks and the whole ton of grey.

I wanted to talk about innocence, about the purity of our hearts and about how sometimes through life, we slowly become a different version of ourselves. How we sometimes and without meaning to, become victims of our own circumstances, but also about how I wish for more people to be brave enough, to keep all those parts that make them themselves protected. All those parts that maybe society or circumstances want you to change, but that you should most definitely always keep alive.

Of course we always grow up, life gets harder, we get disappointed and a little bit less innocent and pure at heart, we slowly become colder less trusty, more cool but less genuine, somehow more obscure even though at one point we rose from complete lightness and trust. I specially wanted to also talk about the identity of women, about what is inside versus what is outside. And for all this I created three outfits with pairing make up looks representing those ideas in three stages: from being born, to our adolescence and youth, to lastly becoming a woman, more mature and hopefully wiser, but also someone who does not necessarily need to be any less magical.

The outfits were coordinated from zero, with pieces from Korean designer Chez Heezin and make up looks also created from scratch by myself.

Outfit and make up I: The Angel.

Outfit and make up II: Cheeky Youth.

Outfit and make up III: The woman.

The concepts go from more pure and ethereal to playful, while ending with more mature and mysterious note, but the beauty is in the mix, because as women, as any of us humans, we can be whatever we decide to be, whatever we set our mind and heart to, so even though life gets more difficult and not everything seems as simple as before, I still wish we all will keep more of those things that make us special, no matter what, and despite being at any age frame.

Make up shots and behind the scenes

As always I like to show you a bit about the behind the scenes, which is not always glamour and perfection. Actually on the day of the shoot it was super cold, more so filming by the river at 6 in the morning, so as you can see in many pictures the model had to wear her padded coat in between takes, my hands were so cold that I could almost not do the make up and styling properly and director and photographers were working hard in the cold setting everything up, even on the times while we were getting the clothes and make up ready on the car.

We might have been very cold and we certainly were, but at the end of the day when the shoot was finished we were all so happy with our work and effort that it had once again all been worth it, even after more than 10 hours of filming and work non stop.

Director: Johnny Kim

Model: Miranda

Styling and Grooming: Lorena Jiménez

Photography: Vincent Go

Camera Assistant: Sungjoo Lim

****Disclaimer: Pictures and media material, are being disclosed with the permission of the owners. Photographer Vincent Go and director Johnny Kim, from Soboro Studio, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures and media material belong to.



  1. Cristian
    April 12, 2018 / 9:21 am

    ¡Hola, Lo! Espero que estés bien 🙂

    La verdad que yo no soy un experto en moda ni en maquillaje, pero hiciste un gran trabajo. Realmente se puede notar lo que quisiste transmitir.
    Y el director hizo un gran video. Mis felicitaciones también 😉

    Bueno, espero que estés teniendo una buena semana.

    • April 12, 2018 / 12:45 am

      Hola Cristian,

      Como siempre muchas gracias, me alegro mucho, de que se pueda sentir lo que queríamos transmitir, si es un arte que hace sentir, significa que todo el trabajo ha merecido la pena, transmitire tus felicitaciones también al director jaja

      Muy buena semana para ti también 🤗

      • Cristian
        April 12, 2018 / 12:00 pm

        No, de nada, Lo, haces un gran trabajo, así que lo menos que puedo hacer es felicitarte 🙂
        Jaja, por supuesto, transmítele mis felicitaciones.

        Muchas gracias 😊

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