The Photographer Narrating Seoul´s Stories

Seoul is an extensive metropolis. A city that is not only big in terms of territory, with a landscape that goes as far as your eyesight can reach, but also a highly populated one. With more than twenty million inhabitants on its whole metropolitan area, there are people everywhere. So it is, that it will be rare the cases in which you will be blessed to share this beautiful city, only on the company of your thoughts.

A city filled with countless people, is of course also brimming with stories. Some happy, some sad, some inspiring, some that could most definitely bring you to tears… Tears that could be filled with as much empathy as joy. Stories just like yours, or even mine, stories that are at times deeply hidden and others fervently awaiting to be told… but in this sea of people the mystery is not only on the stories, but mainly on who will take the time to tell them, who will be the narrator, who will search deep within us all…

As I wrote in a previous article, in such a mist of people it is sometimes hard to look outside of our bubble, search far from the perimeter of what we already know and are comfortable with. At times, the more people there are, the harder it seems to be not to feel lonely. There are loads of people but it is difficult to feel connections, but if just for a minute we would take the time to look at the world through somebody else´s eyes, the results could leave us speechless… Jiseok, the photographer and creator behind Humans Living Soul, seems to want to do just that, make individuals stand out of the crowd in order to tell us their own and unique story.HumansLivingSeoul_2018-04-26-17-45-33_13

Jiseok, was not always a photographer, but decided to start taking pictures after the boss of the place where he was working part-time for, encouraged him to do so. From that moment he realized he really enjoyed being able to capture people, their different emotions, feelings and the way they interacted with their surroundings. Being a photographer might not be the easiest path to start from zero after university, or even not the easier to make a name for oneself, but letting go of the fear and what ifs, Jiseok decided to go fight for his new dream and become a photographer, recently launching his new project: “Humans Living Seoul”, through which he aspires to tell the story of as many people as he encounters, sharing emotions and stories through his beautiful pictures.

I had the pleasure to have a shoot with him during Seoul Fashion Week and Jiseok, was not only very talented but also humble. He confessed that the reason he decided to start Humans living Seoul, is because he gets a new vision an energy through meeting different new people, which always makes him very happy.

Because of his talent and all the meaning behind this project, I decided to share his story with all of you, not only to show you the beautiful images, but also their essence. An art that puts importance in small gestures, aspiring to make the world a better place through the small things.


After reading about this you might be thinking, about what kind of story will mine be. If you are, I will tell you that mine, as everybody elses, has deeper roots than anybody can see, but I will be leaving you the small story I shared with Jiseok for this project, that could seem big or small for many, but is only the tip of the iceberg of all that is underneath. What is my story? Well…

“l am Lorena, a fashion and beauty creator and stylist. I love creation in any form, because I feel motivation and gain freedom of mind when creating.

Fashion has been my dream for as long as l can remember and after finding a Korean designer by chance, l fell in love with the Korean way of doing fashion, which is the reason why l ended up here in Seoul, a city so far away from my hometown, Madrid, a lively and warm city right in the center of Spain.

One of my big dreams is to create content that I am extremely and utterly proud of, content that is able to move, inspire and help others deeper down the mere physical aspect. With my art and the way I live life, I want to create positive circles, where l give back to others, so they can give more to the next person they cross. I want to contribute to make the world a better place by making myself better first, I want to give out kindness, love and laughter, many times though the little things like a compliment, a smile or giving out a hand to someone in need and sometimes taking my art as a form of expression.

I have learned with time that the beauty in life is at the en the small thing, so I want to fill my life and the life of others with as many pretty little things as I can give. ”

Well guys, that was all for today, I hope you liked the article and if you want to take pictures with Jiseok while you visit Seoul, you want some nice shots with your friends, partner, by yourself or you just want your story to be told, you can contact Jiseok through here, he will inform you of his availability and packages.

I hope you have a wonderful day,



****Disclaimer: Pictures are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, Photographer Jiseok Im, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.



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