Dozoh FW 2018 Seoul Fashion Week
Dozoh Fall Winter 2018 Collection

Dozoh, is another South Korean designer whose show I had the pleasure to attend during the past Seoul Fashion Week. A designer who gave us a beautiful performance, when presenting his Fall Winter 2018 collection the past March.

On today’s piece, I will be giving you my thoughts and all the information that you need to know about the designer and his latest collection, “Malfunction”.

Dozoh, under designer Cho Dongwook Jo, stands behind a very interesting idea, stated with its emblem x=0. The symbolism of this message might be a bit hard to catch onto, for people unaware of the fact that it holds a deeper meaning apart from the sole aesthetic. A message that lies on the mathematical perspective of a formula, in which “x” equals zero. Concept interpreted by the brand as “the answer is nowhere”, implying that for DOZOH there is no set answer in terms of what design must look like.

Creating then a new canvas in which Dozoh as a brand or designer, do not have to stick to preset standards or follow the existing paths in trends and designs. Building a brand that aims to create a “unique look” finding the beautiful balance among the main concepts it was based around: “Modernism, distortion, sportisim and wearability”

With a description as unique as his designs, the show did not disappoint. Giving us, the spectators, a collection of a total of 33 looks in which the brand´s main concepts were more than present, on main pieces with very minimal, to no use of accessories.

Main pieces constructed on a foundation of very simple and classic patterns, in which the designer created rougher and more forward looks, with the superposition and layering of elements over the initial pattern work that stayed as the foundation of the pieces. Patterns that reminded me of the traditional Korean clothing lines used in “Hanbok”, the semi-formal or formal attire that has been a basic foundation of Korean culture and fashion for centuries.

With designs that accessorized themselves, the pieces only, were the center of attention of the looks, in a collection in which the work of the asymmetry in the patterns, was the accessory itself. A collection colored in blacks, whites and neutrals with the occasional bright red or green touches in certain key designs, leaving the rest to shades of grey, blues, camels and beige.

Those were my favourite pieces out of the Dozoh´s “Malfunction” 2018 Fall winter collection. If you are curious to see more about the brand, here you have the Official Instagram, as well as the one of designer Dongwook Jo Cho.

If you want to see some of my live footage from the collection during Fashion Week, here you have a link to my Instagram, where you will be able to find the videos under the Instagram story collection named FW, feel free to follow, if you want to keep up with future updates.

Dozoh : Brand´s webpage

Dozoh FW

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****Disclaimer: The media used for this article, belongs to Seoul Fashion Week, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.








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