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Korean Street Style

Winter has already hit Korea hard. And the beautiful autumn weather gifting us with colorful paisages and soft temperatures is long gone. Autumn in Seoul is always such a blessing, especially after the very hot and humid summer we had this year.

Now autumn is sadly long gone, and we are reaching daily temperatures of around 11 C degrees below zero. And Seoul, a usually quite fashion forward metropolis has been invaded by “long padding coats”.

Long padding coats, the biggest mainstream winter trend of the past three to four years. The trend that has been making everybody look like brothers and sisters dressed the same on purpuse, by their own parents. Must admit that when I say everybody I have to sort of shamefully include myself. I say shamefully since I was that person constantly refusuing, promising and denying to never ever EVER buy one those dang padding coats.

Well you know what they say: “NEVER say NEVER” or you might have to end up eating your words. Which is exactly what has happened to your girl that has had to completely swallow them back after ending up buying a long paddign coat that makes me fit with everybody else on the steet.

I must say that even though makes me look like michelins emo sister, is quite helpful at keeping  me warm and toasty from this aweful winter weather that we have just started, so I guess we will have to slighly push under the rugh the slight fashion crime lol.

Since long padding coats are EVERYWHERE, street shooting outfits would be a completey waste of time, but I wanted to share with you some street shooting looks that I did with my adorable friend Manon right before I want to Spain in November.

I know that I might be a little bit late to the game, but hopefully these street style outfits might give you some ideas on what are some Korean student trends for the autumn and some inspiration to maybe create your own winter outfits, underneath an of course warm coat to keep you nice and toasty as well.

Korean Street Style

Outfit 1:



The pictures where taken in Hongik University´s campus where the student photographed was hanging out with her friends in between their classes. She was bright and adorable and mentioned that she wishes for more people to be interested in Korea, so she can make more friends that might share her similar interest, like support together her favorite group red velvet.


Outfit 2



The second student photographed asked us to please not disclose her face, but she was wearing a very typical Korean student outfit, a mid lenght coat, Dr. Martens, which are making a total come back in Korea. An asymetric jean skirt and basic black knit, and a leather bag with die cutting detailing.


Outfit 3



Doing street style shoots in Korea is actually pretty difficult, because many people do not want to get their faces taken, but fortunately some people allowed us to phtograph them without sharing their faces.

Thanks to that here you have the last street style outfit that I found specially charming since it was not a student wearing it but more of a middle aged woman. Plaid button up, artsy jean overalls and a lot of small colorful details adding to the outfit made me pay attention to her style.


My outfit:

IMG_5867-2IMG_5888Korean street style

As for my outfit, I am wearing denim overall dress, with a long wollen cardigan, and a see through blouse. Dr Martens,  military style cap, pattern tights and dainty jewelry completing the look.

” I don’t want or need to explain. I don’t talk too much. Clothes are my statements.”

Rei Kawakubo, on Comme des Garcons


That was all for today, if you want to see more oufits through my outfit diaries section.❤️

****Disclaimer: The pictures on this Korean street style article are being disclosed with the permission of the owner, lovely photographer Manon Thore, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.


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