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Mulberry, one of the top big brands so representing of British luxury goods, flew this year all the way to Seoul to present its Autumn Winter 18 collection.

In a project with which the brand was looking to expand its international awareness, the event held in Seoul had a couple of sides to the same story. Instead of limiting the event to the traditional show that most brands tend to go for, a full pop up exhibition accompanied the whole experience.

The pop-up, free of charge and open to all visitors, was part of one of Seoul´s most luxurious areas, Apgujeong Rodeo, for 3 full days. Allowing all kind´s of fashion lovers and brand devotees to immerse themselves in their autumn collection without restrictions.

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VIP tickets, predominant in many fashion special events, did not restrict the love for fashion and creation in this case. Making the experience available to anyone wanting to take part in it.

I have already expressed a couple of times how I believe fashion to be slowly becoming a part of mainstream culture. And it seems like more and more luxury brands are slowly jumping into the wagon of being more present into this phenomenon. Of course luxury remains luxury, but day to day aspects like social media, are requiring that brands step up their game to capture consumer´s interests, even if they are not forcefully their daily consumers.

It seems like a new fashion era is coming, an era in which we all seem to have a little bit more to say. An exciting era to be part of fashion.



The pictures were taken by my lovely friend Manon and are being disclosed with her permission, under her brand Nothorma, to whom the Copyright of the former pictures belongs to.

Colorful and filled with details the exhibition exuded beautiful touches and warm aesthetics. A mix of materials and patterns easily catch the eye, and the beautiful accessories, in my opinion, a great part of the collection, added another touch to the generally more classical designs of the brand.

That was all for today, but as always here you have a couple of my behind the scene shots:



That was all for today on Mulberry Seoul but if you are curious, you can always check some more of my printed articles.


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