Seongsu Creating Space for the New
Seongsu-dong Concept Stores: Creating Space for the New

The Perfect Synergy between Vintage and Modern

Seoul is constantly changing; this is a barely noticeable fact for most young Koreans already used to the dynamic lifestyle, where trends come and go, businesses open and close, and most times you have to enjoy things as quickly as you can while they’re still around.

Still, there is undeniable comfort in the things that we already know, the mundane aspects that make a place feel more like home. Those special places that hold dear memories — where you had that first awkward date with the now love of your life, where you used to go and talk to the lovely owner over a warm cup of coffee on a bad day, or where you used to meet some of your best friends.

“The familiarity of things like going to your all-time favorite restaurant can be as healing as any medicine”

Make Space for the New

I believe most of us understand the small heartbreak of going back to a favorite spot, just to find that it is no longer there, almost making all those memories seem a tad less real. In those moments, I always wonder how the older generation must feel, seeing everything they once knew fade away completely before their eyes.

Yes, change can be tough for all of us, but at the same time, there is also the irrefutable excitement of the new, which always comes filled with expectation and possibilities. Seoul, as with most of us, is trying to find its equilibrium, the sweet spot between both and this search for the perfect synergy is clearly represented by Seongsu-dong.

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Seongsu-dong is a mix of art, the latest trends, fashion, and sweet spots overflowing with uniqueness. An old part of Seoul once upon a time filled with factories, has now stopped being a district where only shoes were made to slowly become a place filled with wonderful things yet to be discovered.

Artsy cafes, stores, and locations that can help you to refill that lost motivation and have a short trip between excitement and nostalgia, the old and the new. “Keep your memories dear, but do not stop living” is an apt motto for the energy of Seongsu-dong streets. A place where young entrepreneurs, artists, and people in search of fulfilling their vision are trying to bring mindful change, through a lot of art, beautiful aesthetics, and positivity.

If you have not already strolled across this neighborhood and discovered its many charms, I highly recommend you do so, especially if you love fashion, art, culture, great coffee, and having lots of lovely new spots to discover. Seongsu-dong is very charming, but here are two of my favorite locations.




Short for Successful Pyrates, Su;py is a must stop for any fashion lover like myself, but also for anyone who enjoys discovering well-designed spaces filled with charm. Setting trends since its opening in 2014, this concept store has it all. Everything from their clothing selection to the carefully chosen distribution of their themes on the different areas and the smartly placed art and decor are true pleasures for the eyes.

Su;py offers great apparel produced by local designers as well as their own brand, and you will be able to get anything from streetwear to high fashion, along with all those accessories and lifestyle items that you will most definitely want to have.

“A new favorite spot can be the perfect trigger to get some inspiration and fill our life with a little bit more uniqueness.”

This concept store was born from the desire of wanting to bring something new that was not available in Seoul. And to establish a trendsetting space that people could visit not only to acquire their new fashion loves and staples but also to have a different experience.

Su;py is a perfect mix of fashion, art, and a great atmosphere. You can finish up your visit by grabbing a coffee at their own glass house coffee shop. Their coffee with a strong shot of espresso, that some fellow Europeans like myself might appreciate, can be enjoyed in a beautiful environment with soft music surrounding you.

Instagram: Supy


Address: Seongsui-ro 71 – 서울특별시 성동구 성수이로 71

Seongsu-Supy_0315-3-1440x2207-compressor.jpgSeongsu Supy_0319-1440x2160Seongsu Su:py_0332-1440x2160Seongsu-Su_py_0337-1440x2160-compressor.jpg

Baesan Warehouse

Baesan Warehouse is not just your regular coffee shop or a place filled with beautiful aesthetics, but also a place highly involved in art, culture, and fashion, along with many other creative events. High ceilings, delicious-looking pastries, eye-catching decorations, and an extremely alluring atmosphere seal the deal for this special spot.

It offers a lovely rooftop to enjoy spring days or summer nights along with some friends while viewing Seoul’s night scenery. You can grab a bite, have a drink, or just have a seat on their main floor and enjoy its multifaceted atmosphere.

This urban space has a lot of different sides to it. A charming place where you could go to do some work, hang out with friends, have a date or just read a book by yourself, its atmosphere fits it all. So get ready to explore and enjoy.

Instagram: Baesan´s Warehouse

Address: Seongsui-ro 78 – 서울 성동구 성수이로 78 바이산

“Memories conjure nostalgia, but new experiences bring excitement”




These are two of my favorite spots here, which you can very easily reach by going straight out of Seongsu Station Exit 3. You will easily find them almost facing each other, but Seongsu-dong also has many other charms. If you have not gotten around to visiting this lovely area, I suggest you give it a go. You will not be disappointed.

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For: Groove Magazine Feb Issue

Pictures by: Manon Thore

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