Kontrast within the creative industry
Kontrast Inspiring change from within the creative industry

It is not just fashion and art – it’s a movement

One of the newest fashion and art events revolutionizing the fashion and content creation scene in Seoul is called Kontrast. In case you have never heard of it, Kontrast is an event in which all types of creators and artists collaborate to create art and content straight out from their heart and creative dreams in the form of creative photoshoots, videos, performances and a lot of socializing. If this sounds interesting to you, keep on reading to find out more.

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What is Kontrast?

“What is Kontrast?” is probably the most frequently asked question that this group of young entrepreneurs and creators receives on a daily basis. There are plenty of things that could be said about this “Digital Kontent Kreation Agency,” even though in their own mind, Kontrast can never be defined as only one thing.

“We can define the concept of each event but Kontrast in itself cannot be labeled because it is the synergy of many different visions…it is expressed all over our projects but also by each and every single person that takes part into our venues.” Kontrast is the sum of many perspectives because there is always room and space to change, create, and grow further.

Kontrast is the synergy of many different visions; Kontrast is a bit of all of us

Kontrast is a fairly recent movement that hit Seoul´s creative scene a couple of months ago, and it has been bringing a lot of stir among creators, artists, models, fashion brands and anyone interested in materializing their art into reality.


Who is Kontrast?

The group of young artists and entrepreneurs behind this movement that could perhaps be called the creative Fantastic Four: @african_seoul, @ppst_q101, @scottfuzion, and @seoul_space, work together as a whole, from brainstorming to execution, but also trying to make the best use of their own talents, to each do what they enjoy and what they are best at.

Some take care of communication, others are good at giving perspective and finalizing decisions, others are great with ideas and others bring a more creative perspective to the table. They all have a place, but so do you, because just that same support and room to grow, to practice your talents, to try new things and to increase your confidence is what they aspire to offer to everyone that takes part in their projects.

YouTubers, photographers, videographers, models, designers…any type of artist, in fact, no matter the size of their following or how much knowledge they might have on a subject, are all welcome. You do not have to have a million followers, have your products sold or exhibited, or be a size 0, because in Kontrast if you wish to create, there is a space for you. With their venues, they bring opportunities for everybody who wants to create and materialize their thoughts, emotions, art, and who they are into reality through the help of their creative platform.


The Fuel of Creating

With this platform and their events, they want to bend reality and challenge the current standards, rules, and stereotypes to allow everyone to create from their heart and mind without limitations, titles, or restrictions. It is a space to learn new talents and to try new things that could turn into a passion or even a future job, in a space where people will not judge you for not making the cut and where people will come with an open heart and an open mind to help each other learn, have good conversations, and meet new friends, collaborators, future work or even life partners.

Kontrast is a  place where we can all find the artist within us and encourage each other to create art and build talents together. A channel for people to seize the moment and create with the flow, giving everybody that takes collaborates the experience to be part of the behind the scenes.

Their events are partly a workshop, and partly a fun reunion, where you can be a model even if you have never modeled before, you can set a new example of beauty, you could practice or learn those crazy makeup looks you have been dying to try, not only on you but on others as well, or even one of the photographers. Basically a spot to learn, practice and enjoy while also encouraging others to explore their own creative side.


Their events offer an experience, a reunion where attendees bring not only their talent but also their heart into a safe space where they will not be judged for taking the chance to be more creative and pushing their own boundaries and self-created limitations. Something that this Fantastic Four call “hearting,” creating not just for the sake of being well-known, accepted, or appreciated, but creating with the heart.

You Can Do All You Want to Do

Creation should be natural, never forced or pushed. Art in all its forms, no matter if it is fashion, painting, photography, or music has the power to move us. Content is alive, it is always changing, and it never stops; you create every day of your life, with every interaction, but at times it seems like only big industries create, thus dictating the rules. But @african_seoul, @ppst_q101, @scottfuzion, and @seoul_space and I, all agreed that it is about time to realize we can actually change the rules and that is a big part of what Kontrast is all about.

Fashion, beauty, and art have the power to move us and to create connections if it is done with the heart. We like to call this “hearting.”


We are often divided by how we look, our race, our nationality, our religion, orientation or many other added things, but at the end of the day, we are all the same internally. We all are searching for happiness, love, acceptance, appreciation, and support. Many external things seem to distance us, but what about having a safe space to be ourselves and where fashion, beauty, and creation is not a reason to bring us apart, but a way of creating a connection?

That is what everyone taking part in Kontrast aims to do: build a space to create art and bring the best of what you have in terms of what you want to create but also of who you are. Yes, it is a fashion and art event, but also a place to build empathy and gratitude and to enjoy your valuable time among positive like-minded individuals.

It is a place to find and provide support, humbleness, and opportunities, while losing the judgement of ourselves and others, our limitations, and the fear that come of our ego. It is a place to make yourself better first, and help others improve as well, but where improvement does not come from the feeling of not being good enough, but of the possibility of knowing that there are no limitations to the things that you can do and accomplish.


Message from the team

We all bring something to the table. Everybody is Kontrast, and therefore we want you to have passion and enjoy what you do and what you work on at our events. There are many creators out there and that is why we want to create a “kommunity” beyond us and expand it to everyone who wishes to have a safe space where they can be whoever they are or want to be through genuine support.


“If you are ready, come along. And contact us if you want to take part in it all. We are going to Kontrast your experience.”

If you want to stay updated with Kontrast news and venues and know how you can attend and participate you can follow them on Instagram at @kontrastseoul.

Editor: Lorena Jiménez

For: Groove Magazine March Issue

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