Street Style Scene Stealers
Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2019 Street Style Stars

It’s that time of the year again when the ramp leading up to the famed Zaha Hadid-designed Dongdaemun Design Plaza is filled with a manic frenzy of spectators, photographers, tiny toddler trendsetters, and most, if not all, fashion fans from all over the world looking to be seen.

Brightening up the monotonous metallic grays and the cold concrete of the futuristic structures of DDP are a diverse set of regional and international showgoers in the ever-changing sartorial crowds: the hypebeast logo-maniacs, lovers of psychedelic colors, classic urban cliques, over-the-top groups, the trend-obsessed youth, and everything in between.

Last season it was mostly well-known models the one stealing all the spotlight, but this season on and off the runway new faces were the ones portraying their charms. As many other FW seasons before, the weather did not bless the fashion scene, but DDP was equally blessed by the uniqueness of the many outfits that were worn even in the freezing cold.

“The sun wasn´t shining but attendees didn’t let the rain ruin their parade”

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We asked our street style picks at Seoul Fashion Week two questions:

How would you describe your style for the day?

And what do you think about the phenomenon of people trooping to the venue vying for exposure on social media and beyond?

To which they replied by spilling the tea on their dressing strategies and thoughts on the emerging cultural phenomenon of South Korea’s social media craze.

Kim Jin Geon 


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904499.jpeg

“Since the weather is so nice today, I just wore colors and pieces that give off a refreshing feeling because I also wanted to add brightness on this beautiful sunny day. I think that the crowds gathering here every fashion week have become a good culture. Because people all over the world can get to know Korean fashion through social media. I think it’s a good kind of competition because it gives us exposure as a country on the global scene.”

Ridwwan Ibrahim 


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904504.jpeg

“For today I tried to use those pieces that I love from my closet that, due to work and life, I never get to wear and at the same time, I just tried to be as comfortable as possible. I also love vintage and high fashion brands so I finished the look with a designer bag. I’m a Muslim so I wore a hat to keep my faith through my fashion. In the US, we don’t really like style a lot and it’s great to see a lot of people here in Korea who have a special interest in fashion. Everyone just comes out every Seoul Fashion Week to dress however they want and it’s the time when the capital is open to diversity in fashion. It’s the time to show yourself off.”

Ji Hee Choi


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904515.jpeg

“I just wore whatever I was feeling like for the day. I think it’s okay for people to go here in fashion week because I came here for photos too. I like to express myself through my fashion, it’s also not just about getting attention, I want to learn how to be confident and get inspired by the styles of different people because I work in retail.

Daniel Jang 


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904535

“My look for today is street chic. I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish because I am here for work. I am a model and might be photographed but I should be able to walk around and enjoy myself. I’m happy that there are huge crowds here because it only shows that people are getting more and more interested and due to my field of work, more interest and exposure in fashion is always positive for me and my peers.”

Sin Da Bin and Ahn Da Eun 

@__french2n_, @sin_da_bin00

Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904538.jpeg

“Today we went with a twin look concept in all-white outfits. We are sisters and we wanted to be creative with our whole outfit and makeup. The Seoul Fashion Week crowd is good because there’s no other chance for people to show off their creativity in fashion than during these two yearly occasions; it gives us a chance to embrace crazy looks without being judged too much about it.”

Briggitte Sintim Duodo 


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904555

“My dressing strategy is to go all out in bright, colorful and bold outfits because I noticed that everyone seems to prefer wearing black. I always want to go out of my comfort zone by wearing clothes that make me happy. I usually wear clothes that have a mix of cultures, like this printed Japanese robes. Of course, colors also capture attention but I do it for myself. I think Seoul Fashion Week is a great time to network and see a wealth of inspiration from different people and the melting pot of cultures.”

Victoria Trieu, Ms Shangrila, Reiji Fujisawa

@victoriatrieu,, @re_jifujisawa

Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904564.jpeg

Ms Shangrila: “Today I wanted to incorporate this piece that is from a Portuguese designer friend of mine, I wanted to mix different kinds of styles, so I am wearing fur, pearls on my makeup and hair to make it more feminine while adding different touches to keep it edgy and something I can identify with.”

Victoria: “I get inspired by a lot of Korean influencers, particularly Cheri of @cheristyle. I love wearing a mix of edgy and soft pieces with a pop of color.”

Reiji: “I just woke up and wore what I felt like wearing for the day. I love the style of Sita Abellan of @sittabellan [a DJ, brand-owner and style influencer] because I really like how she uses and combines colors and she’s great at styling herself.”

Ching Tien Li


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904640.jpeg

“I am a model and actress from Taipei and today I went to watch the ti:baeg show and I wanted to wear something soft and feminine from their collections, to honor and support them during the show. I think it is good because we can all bring our unique styles and learn from each other.”

Alexandra Matheson


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904611.jpeg

“I came here from Vietnam with my team of a hair stylist and makeup artist who helped me put all of this together since I am starting my career in the entertainment scene. I am excited to be here because it is an opportunity to show my talents”

Ava Foo 


Seoul Fashion Week Street Style 201904655.jpeg

“Today I wanted to wear something simple yet stylish; the sunglasses were my main point but it is raining. I still decided to keep them on because fashion is meant to be inspiring and should therefore not be influenced by the weather.”

Behind the Scenes

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Street Style Scene Stealers

Editors: Dianne Pineda-KimLorena Jiménez

For: Groove Magazine April Issue

Pictures: Seong Jin Kim

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That was all for today on Seoul Fashion Week FW Street Style, if you are curious, here you can always check some more of my printed articles.


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