Hair Coloring in Hongdae
Hair Coloring in Hongdae: Changing my Hair and my Mood

Self Love and Appearance

I am sure you all know the feeling of frustration that we at times get when something external such as our skin or our hair is completely not working for us. I know I am talking about something trivial, even shallow, but I think we all can agree that at times, those things can take a toll in our everyday life, mood and even in the way that we feel about ourselves.

The truth is that no matter if we like it or not our appearance can have a big influence on how we feel internally, and that can have an impact in our day to day. That desperation of not feeling good with your appearance no matter what you do, every time you look at yourself in the mirror when getting ready being just like ughhhh…

Some days you just don’t like anything about yourself and that is how I was feeling lately, especially about my hair, no matter what I did with it I just didn´t seem to like it. And even though I strongly believe we should never base our happiness or value in how we look, at times taking a bit of extra care of yourself makes you feel a lot better.

No, you are not more valuable because you look prettier, because you did your nails or because someone complimented you, but I have come to learn that wanting to take care of yourself and do things that make you look and feel better is nothing wrong, but a big part of self-love. Things like not hanging out with negative people, eating foods that are good for your body or in this specific case changing your hair, can be great remedies to influence your day positively and boost that energy and self-appreciation.

At the end of the day, this body and mind are the only ones that we have, at least in this lifetime. So take care of it without any remorse. For me I know I needed a change, my hair had been bothering me for months, it never seemed to be right, it took forever to style and after huge amounts of work, (which I am not a very big fan of) I still didn’t like it nor feel good about it.


My friend had recently changed her hair color and I loved the work they had done, so I asked her about the place where she had it done. The following week I was on my way there. The place was small but very easily accessible, in the middle of Hongdae. You just need to know where to go, since it is not easily seen from the street.

Hair Color Hongdae0416_125641

I arrived at my appointment and they were waiting for me, they took my coat and got me a tea and a snack. They sat me down on the chair and we started the consultation. This place is not a regular hair salon, but more like a hair clinic that specializes in scalp treatments and color. They also have perms and design, but they do not do styling. Your styling will be DIY, meaning at the end of the treatment you can use the hairdryer and heating tools and do your hair yourself. This might sound weird to some but it might be part of the reason why they can offer good services at affordable prices since styling takes a lot of time and there are only two of them.

When I was doing my consultation, I made sure to bring clear pictures of exactly the color I wanted since they mainly speak Korean and I explained to the best of my abilities my concerns with my hair. How it was very difficult to manage lately, it was very dry and also my fears of getting my hair dyed in a Korean salon after hearing all the horror stories from many expats going to different salons and nobody knowing what to do with their hair.

I told them that I have thin hair and that gets blondish highlights on the summer with the sun so I don’t really need a lot of bleaching, and they told me they agreed since different types of hair have different types of consistences and therefore they should get different treatments. I was also told that generally, Koreans tend to have thicker hair, but they also have had cases of Korean clients having thiner hair and that is why they always adjust the color and treatment to the specific case, which made me much more at ease.


I decided to go with a mix in between light brown, red and pink and they told me they will add treatment to my hair color and bleach to minimize damage and also rehydrate my dry hair. The process took about 2 hours, they only bleached my hair once and the color came out beautiful, very natural and luminous, maybe a tiny bit darker than I had originally wanted but being the first time changing my hair from dark to light I am extremely happy with the result, especially since there is no brassiness, which is personally a big no-no for me.

My hair before:

Three weeks later the color is still luminous, and very, very natural, I am so happy with it. It might seem like a small thing but it was a huge change for me, one that made me feel much better than I had felt in months. You know, that feeling of getting a fresh cut, a beautiful outfit or in this case a new hair color. I was super happy and my hair was very soft, not at all dry or damaged, so I am 100% ecstatic with my results.

After one week (Daylight):

Hair Color Hongdae-04-30-17-45-18Hair Color Hongdae-04-30-17-45-26

After three weeks (Inside):


As I mentioned they have different types of treatments and depending on what you want and your hair length you will have different prices. So I just took a picture of the price list so you can see the different price ranges available for each specific case. I have not tried the scalp clinic or perms so I can not give you my opinion on those ones but my hair coloring experience was just what I was searching for.

I know my friend also got the scalp clinic treatment and was happy with it, and since I was very satisfied with the coloring I might try their perming and scalp treatments myself in the future if I do I will definitely update this post.

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How to get there 

The location as in my previous eyebrow treading post is a little bit tricky. I will put the location down below, but just in case you get a tiny bit lost. When you arrive at the street, you will see Tomato clothing store on the corner, and up the street, towards Hongdae university, you will see a lot of restaurants. You just have to enter the 서교푸르지오아파트상가 building on the first floor and search for the store. The store number is 133 and the store name 염색카페봄.

Naver address

서울특별시 마포구 홍익로 10 101동 B 133호

Since I knew I was going to be writing a post and I know many expats that want to go lighter in color, I asked them if they can work well with blonder tones, they said that it was no problem, but since I have not tried going blonde I would not be able to tell you my experience on that. So have a look and talk to them if you want to know more, you can make appointments and ask them questions here: 01053877650 (염색카페봄)

Hair Color Hongdae0416_125750Hair Color Hongdae0416_125706


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