C.Through Art that moves you

C.Through Art that moves you

Edible masterpieces in the form of coffee

Art shares emotion, happiness, and mindfulness… Art makes you appreciate beauty, the kind of beauty that takes your breath away for a second to give it back to you in the form of inspiration and sometimes the realization that the beauty in life mostly rests on the small things.

Small things like the smile from a stranger on a bad day, a beautiful flower coming out of the otherwise cold concrete, a good cup of coffee to sweeten your day… But, what if the coffee were to be so beautiful that it made you question if you should even drink it?

If this sounds to you like a beautiful utopía, let me tell you that this is not something out of your imagination, but the daily reality at C.through cafe. Where coffee and art fuse into one to bring you delicate creations that will melt your heart and add beauty your Instagram feed with the elegance and softness that only things made with a lot of attention and care can.

Art can move you; it doesn’t matter if it is in the form of paintings, fashion, food or, in this case, coffee.

The space

Itaewon might not be the first choice that comes to mind when thinking about beautiful cafes, but C.through, standing strong and unique right out of Noksapyeong, will prove you wrong. It’s a short climb from the station, but totally worth the experience.

Small but charming, this cafe is a mix of concrete and cream colors with pink touches that add brightness to the space. Its decor and furniture stay simple yet stylish because the biggest attraction of their space comes from their beautiful creations.

C.through is not your usual cafe, nor is it a space to go and study for the day. C.through is a spot to visit when you want to indulge in some self-love and treat yourself to a beautiful experience that l am sure you will hold dearly.

The art

Delicate creations that will melt your heart while adding elegance and beauty to your Instagram feed.

Many baristas among the world can make your day a bit brighter with a cute heart or a simple design on your chosen latte. This is a small gesture that we can all appreciate, especially on those days when we might not be feeling our best. But the baristas at C.through go much further.

After living in 6 different countries and have traveled a lot around the world, l had never come across a cup of coffee that had made my heart skip a beat. That was until 2 years ago when scrolling through my Instagram feed on a rainy spring day while sipping on my not-so-mesmerizing Spring Cherry Blossom Special Latte of one of the world’s most famous coffee distributors, l came across barista Lee Kang Bin´s post.

The starry night of Van Gogh was painted on the surface of a cup of coffee. I held my breath for a second; “It must be photoshopped” was my second thought, but at the same time, it seemed quite real.

“How is it even possible?” and with the hopes of satisfying my curiosity, no questions asked, I dived into the profile searching for answers to my questions.

I was speechless because the beauty did not stop there, from straight-up art that belongs in museums but imprinted instead onto cups of coffee to cute designs, birds, and flowers. That is when l decided l would write a piece on this spot one day and give my insight on this beautiful spot.

The Process

Watching the baristas prepare the specials with such care and attention to detail was mesmerizing, relaxing, and full of expectation. Having a look at something being created, each part of it appearing stroke by stroke where seconds before there was just thin air.

It felt like the calm of watching someone paint or sketch at a park or a museum, just with the change that the canvas was soon to be yours, in the form of a marvelous art-like cup of coffee.

With patience and firm hands, holding one hand with the other for support, one barista created a beautiful cherry blossom, a cute doll, an adorable bear, a coffee volcano, while the other barista carefully prepared the strawberry tiramisu that we were about to taste.

Watching the process was not only inspiring and mesmerizing but it brought a new level of appreciation to the beverage and food that we were about to consume.

Out of curiosity, while watching this process, I asked the barista if he was an artist, to which he replied that he was just a barista. “Ahhh…,” I replied, thinking to myself that, as happens many times in life, without even knowing it yourself, you can be more than one thing at once.

The Specials

Thick cream, strong coffee, perfect sweetness, all mixed beautifully into one with each sip.

C.through does not have an extensive menu, nor does it need to because their signature dishes already make the visit worth it.

We tasted an art coffee, a volcano like coffee and strawberry tiramisu. The strawberry tiramisu did not follow the traditional Italian recipe but was soft and delicate. A chocolate base, covered with sponge biscuits and a layer of cream, strawberries, and powdered sugar.

c.through coffee artC.through

The volcano coffee, with a good layer of cream, was strong and sweet, filled with a taste and aroma that reminded me of amaretto, an Italian almond liqueur.

The star of the visit, the art coffee with a beautiful cherry blossom made out of strawberry petals, was by far my favorite. Not only because it was so beautiful that l almost felt bad for drinking it, but because it was also equally delicious. Thick cream, strong coffee, perfect sweetness, all mixed beautifully in each sip. With the strawberry petals adding a slightly sweet and sour crunch on your lucky sips.

Yes, C.through has a cute charming space and coffee art that is beautifully delicious. Note that the coffee is always served cold to preserve the flavor, consistency, and color of your order. If all this seems tempting to you, go and enjoy a well-deserved treat for yourself.

C.Through 씨스루 (@c.through)

서울특별시 용산구 녹사평대로40나길 37

Yongsan-gu, Noksapyeong-daero 40-gil 37

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Editor: Lorena Jiménez

For: Groove Magazine May Issue

Pictures by: Manon Thore

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Curious for more?

If you want to see all about how the coffee art is made go to minute 0:59 :

That was all for today on C.Through, but you can always check some more of my articles.


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