About me

Hello there,

I am Lorena, born in Madrid, Spain, but living and working a bit all over the world. In European cities like Berlin and Paris, countries like the States and currently based in Seoul, South Korea.

I enjoy traveling and discovering new things, which together with my job and two big passions, fashion and beauty, are what this page is all about.

In here you will be able to see not only some of my work, but also specific content created for this platform. Content I am hopping to be a source of inspiration, information and support for you. A space to discover not only new techniques, products or trends, but also one filled with things you might be able to relate to, that will make you feel better if you are having a difficult time or content that you can simply enjoy going through from time to time.

Welcome to my world, through the tiny window of this blog…

Hope you enjoy,





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