About Me

Lorena Jiménez

Hi there,

You just arrived to one of those places where 

I keep some of the things that inspire me…

A special place where I leave a small part of who I am

 with every entry. A small sneak peek into my mind…

And what about the whole puzzle you might ask?

Well, the whole puzzle is a whole different story… 


I am Lorena,

A fashion and beauty editor, content creator,

and dreamer born in Madrid, Spain.

I have lived and worked a bit all over the world,

but I am currently based in Seoul, South Korea.


Who am I?

Someone who tries to carry things out with passion,

love, and positivity. Wanting to bring change,

inspiration, and challenge.


What do I want to achieve?

One of my biggest goals is to create content able to move,

inspire and help others, not only in fashion and beauty

but also much deeper down the mere physical aspect.


No matter if it is through my art or day to day interactions,

I want to create positivity. Give to others,

so they can give more to the next person they cross.

I want to be part of making the world

a better place, starting by working at making myself better first.


In here you will be able to find some of my work,

as well as some content that I wish to be

a source of inspiration, information, and support for you.

A space filled with content that I am hoping

you might be able to relate to.


Welcome to a part of my world, through this tiny window.

And if you happened to leave a little bit happier

than when you first came, that was already more

than I could ever have asked for,


Have a lovely day, ❤️





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